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United States experienced a long process of economic growth that lasted for about a century. Industrial revolution in the United States was characterized by massive growth in the industrial activities. There was increase in the production activities as well as advancement in technology. The period saw many people entering the workforce than ever before in the history of America. The search for hunt for jobs in the cities also increased rural to urban migration and prompting development of many urban centers. The industrial revolution in the United States had both positive and negative implication to the country. However, the positive implications of industrial revolutions overweigh the negative implications and form the major part of discussion in this paper as follows: 

Rapid industrial growth in the United States improved people’s daily lives. By the increase in number of factories producing various types of products, ordinary Americans could get employment opportunities in the factories and upgrade their lifestyle. Most of the American population could afford decent living by the early 1900s prompting for more development in the country. Due to the increased number of industries, the citizens had a wide variety of choices of goods and services, hence, making their lives efficient and comfortable. 

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The transportation network and technology improved immensely during this period. The expansion of businesses and factories led to the expansion of the transport network due to the necessity of the roads, canals and turnpikes. The roads did not just connect the country for commercial purposes but also as a society. Technology, on the other hand, revolutionized the way of living of the people where interchangeable parts and textile mills were invented. This technology has advanced a great deal to the modern technology in the country. United stated acts like the mother of technology for most of the innovations realized in the 20th and 21’s century. 

The current landscape of America has changed with appealing infrastructure and technology of all sorts. The country is currently one of the largest global economies because of the rapid industrial growth in the early 1900s.Even though a few negative implications of industrial growth such as child labor and pollution arouse, the resultant benefits of industrial growth are enticing. One might try to imagine how the world would look if the industrial revolution in the US and some other parts of the world wouldn’t have taken place. Therefore, the rapid industrial growth was a boost for the United States and offered lots of opportunities. 

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