18 May 2022


Reader’s Journal: Character Sketch of Oedipus

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Oedipus, the king of Thebes, is considered the main protagonist in Oedipus play. The summary of his characterization is based on his role in his father’s kingdom, his courage, and intellect, and most essential is the ability to employ his intelligential by making irrational decisions. One strongest character was his ability to solve riddles; he is considered one of the most intelligent airs to the Greek throne. This is manifested in his heroic and courageous action when addressing the riddle of the Sphinx. Another quality, good quality that can be attributed to Oedipus is his persistence, in as much as he used brutal means to force information out of his subjects, he remained insistent until he extracted all the information he needed. This is demonstrated when he was seeking information about his parents, which he finally establishes. He says “Nothing will move me. I will find out the whole truth (Evidence 1; pg. 61).” Regardless of the warnings that Jocasta assures him concerning the truth about his parents. He is assured he will finally find the truth about his parents. The self- assurance character is also demonstrated when he reaffirms the people of Thebes that he defend and protect them, he says “I shall be the defender of Thebes, and Apollo’s champion too (Sophocles, pg. 12).”

In as much as Oedipus had commendable characters, he had weaknesses as well; he was stubborn and quick to anger. His stubbornness is demonstrated by his determination to look for the truth about his parents that eventually leads to his down fall; he ignores all the advice against his actions. On the realization of the truth, he makes an irrational decision, to flee from his fate, he says “I will never go to the city where my parents live.” His irrationality is also demonstrated by the fact that he killed someone he barely known, without a substantial reason to warrant his death. As evidenced in the phrase”The driver, and the old man himself, tried to push me off the road. In anger, I struck the driver as he tried to crowd me off (Sophocles, pg.45)”

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