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Reading a book about Worry

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Target Population for Education Topic = 3rd graders

Name of Agency Selected = Plantation Key School

Population Served by Agenc y = 6-12 years of age

Services Provided by Agency = elementary level education

The goal of Presentation :

To mitigate worry and anxiety among 3 rd graders by showing them that worrying is a common problem. Sharing worries with others can help minimize them.

At least three Learner Objectives :

1. To enable third graders to come to terms with their anxieties and be able to speak about them freely by the end of the lesson.

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2. To help the students understand that worry is a common trend, hence they are not alone in worrying.

3. To enable the students to freely share their worries with others as a means of extenuating their worries, thus reducing the overall rate of worry and anxiety in the classroom.

Description of Content taught 

We used a book called worry. The content began with reading out by one of the students. We then proceeded to an interactive segment where we asked the third graders to share their worries. Soon after, we also shared our worries then taught the students how to mitigate their worries by sharing them with others.

The rationale for Content selected 

The selected content was suitable for the goal of the lessons due to its relatability to the subject and to the target audience. For a start, using a children’s book to teach children about a practical issue in their lives was relevant as the students can identify with the characters in the book (Albers, 2019). Secondly, the practical part of having the children and our team share worries was relevant as it reflected the concept that everyone as worries. Using practical examples aids in understanding and recollection among young learners (Lubans et al., 2017).

The rationale for Population selected 

The population selected was three graders who are 8 or 9 years old. At this age, they old enough have a lot of worry about, both real and imagined, yet they are also too young to have learned how to handle worry (Osmanağaoğlu, Creswell & Dodd, 2018). The target population was thus especially vulnerable to worry, hence their selection.

Teaching Strategies/Instructional Methods used 

The teaching strategy involved a combination of practical lessons and the use of teaching aid. The practical aspect involved children actively participating in the lesson by reading portions of the book and sharing their worries. The teaching aid was thee book whose characters we used as an example in the lesson.

Reflection on what you have learned 

The three teaching lessons were relatively consistent in terms of results. I was initially anxious about whether the children would pay attention to us or if the lesson would have meaning to the little ones. I realized that ensuring the participation of the children and keeping the lesson relevant is effective in childhood pedagogy. Further, children tend to connect to honesty and this aids in the teaching process. For example, when I shared my genuine worry about losing my car keys, the kids seemed to empathize with me and pay more attention to what I was saying.

Evaluation of the experience 

We went to Plantation Key School hoping to learn from the process of teaching kids but most importantly to positively influence the kids about worry management. I believe the three classes were taught had a positive experience and will handle worry better. Most important, those children educated and positively inspired us.


Albers, P. (2019, October 31). Why stories matter for children's learning. Retrieved from http://theconversation.com/why-stories-matter-for-childrens-learning-52135 

Lubans, D. R., Lonsdale, C., Cohen, K., Eather, N., Beauchamp, M. R., Morgan, P. J., ... & Smith, J. J. (2017). Framework for the design and delivery of organized physical activity sessions for children and adolescents: rationale and description of the ‘SAAFE’teaching principles.  International journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity 14 (1), 24.

Osmanağaoğlu, N., Creswell, C., & Dodd, H. F. (2018). Intolerance of Uncertainty, anxiety, and worry in children and adolescents: A meta-analysis.  Journal of affective disorders 225 , 80-90.

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