27 Apr 2022


Reason for Pursuing Bachelor's Degree in Nursing

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Nursing has been a course in mind that I have been anticipating to pursue in my future. My mentors and role models are working as nurses and they have motivated me to an extent that I have been interested in pursuing this course. Nursing is a marketable course, as the demand for nurses in the field increases daily with increased establishment of hospitals in various countries globally. An individual holding a bachelor’s degree in nursing is qualified to work in any hospital globally without restrictions. Such a freedom of working in any hospital anywhere in the world motivated me to pursue this course, as my qualifications will not be restricted to one country or region. Many hospitals and other healthcare facilities are looking for leaders who will be in charge of patient-centered care. One of the qualifications for such a position is holding a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Additionally, qualified nurses are offered such position based on the skills possessed in the nursing field and the previous leadership qualities in the same professions, which can only be obtained through pursuing the nursing course. 

Pursuing bachelor’s degree offers many benefits after completing my studies. As a qualified nurse, I will enjoy many rewards in terms of allowances as stipulated in the profession guidelines in different countries. Nurses with bachelor’s degrees are well paid as compared with nurses without bachelor’s degree. For example, in a survey conducted in 2014, the difference between the salary to a nurse with a degree and one without a degree was $30000. Bachelor degree in nursing offers me an opportunity to participate in other job opportunities not related to nursing professions. Various units are incorporated in this course, which will enable an individual to undertake other duties like leadership, social work, and many other professions. I believe that my pursuit of this degree will offer many opportunities in both nursing professions and other related professions.

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