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Role of HR in Career Development

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The HR department in any business organization plays a major role in the career development of employees. Career development is a very important factor, which should be considered by the employers when dealing with employees with ambitions of improving their careers in future. It is the responsibility of HR professionals to create a culture in the business organizations, which will enable the employees to participate in development activities and take training seriously while at the workplace ( Garavan et al., 2016 ). HR professionals educate the employees on the importance of the training offered in the organization and its effects on their careers of the employees in future both personally and professionally. Career development has been ineffective in many business organizations due to the strategy used by HR professionals. In most cases, the professionals deal with managers, supervisors, and team leaders when enlightening the employees about career development instead of interacting with the employees directly. 

Training offers the employees new knowledge and skills, which will help them to prepare for their future duties and responsibilities. An employee will not embark on practical activities at the workplace without having some training about the responsibilities he/she will undertake in the field. During the interviews, the candidates are tested regarding the required qualifications. The previous training undertaken by the candidates will help them to pass the interview tests and secure job opportunities in different business organizations ( El Baroudi et al., 2017 ). Training is a motivating factor used by various business organizations to encourage employees to put more efforts in their respective positions in the organization. When an employee is offered training services, he/she will work towards achieving the goals and targets of the organization knowing that they will be rewarded for further training services. 

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Training programs offered to the employees should be evaluated such that the organizations and the employees can feel the importance of the training. Evaluation can be done through offering responsibilities to the employees related to the training they went through previously. The performance of the employees will be rated basing on the set or expected standards of performances. 


El Baroudi, S., Fleisher, C., Khapova, S. N., Jansen, P., & Richardson, J. (2017). Ambition at work and career satisfaction: the mediating role of taking charge behavior and the moderating role of pay. Career Development International , 22 , 1, 87-102 

Garavan, T., Shanahan, V., Carbery, R., & Watson, S. (2016). Strategic human resource development: towards a conceptual framework to understand its contribution to dynamic capabilities. Human Resource Development International , 19 , 4, 289-306. 

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