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Ron Jon Surf Shop Versus Hilo Hattie

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Ron Jon Shop and Hilo Hattie have some things in common but also have some differences. Both have websites for their products and uses organizational planning to come up with the best way to display products. The two organizations make sure that they place their products strategically on their websites in a way that attracts customers and make sure the consumers buy their products. Both Ron Jon Surf Shop and Hilo Hattie are retail business organization one based in New Jersey while the other is based in Hawaii (Henthorn, n.d). Another similarity between the two is that both organizations were founded a long time ago and from then they use traditional management techniques. Both also have specific products which they target specific groups of customers. Both the Ron Jon Surf shop and the Hilo Hattie sells beach wear for men, women, and children and they sale online together with other products. 

Ron Jon Surf shop and Hilo Hattie are the quite difference; for example, Ron Jon Surf Shop is a surf board shopping company that also sales beach attire whereas Hilo Hattie sells the same merchandise but their attires are Hawaiian styled for the beach (Allen, 2004) . Ron Jon surf shop is well known around the world as it is a big company with several stores all over the while, on the other hand, Hilo Hattie is not well known since it has only a few companies. The two organizations emphasize on planning, staffing, leading, and organizing in their website, for example, there is well organizational planning in Ron Jon Surf shop throughout their website when you go to the “about us” section it shows the goal of the company is to sell clothes and surf products. Both organization websites are well organized to make customers easily find what product they are looking for as the products are organized in categories making the search process faster. Both organizations are well known, and their products and they lead in selling their products; lastly when it comes to staffing it websites is clear that the organizations have well-trained staffs which ensure everything is in order. 

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Henthorn, Dawn.  " Ron Jon Surf Shop" .    About.com . Accessed July 7, 2017. 

Allen, Robert. (2004). Hilo Hattie. Creating Hawaii Tourism. Bess Press. 

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