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Security Strategies to Combat Workplace Violence

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Philip P. Purpura (2016), in his book titled Security: An Introduction, presents certain strategies that are fundamental in combating workplace violence. He observes that being committed to management is vital and suggests a formation of interdisciplinary committee to draft and come up with applicable policies and procedures. He further notes that it is important to invest in reliable legal assistance. Legal requisites include those that cover privacy, due process, discrimination and labor arrangement. Additionally, the employer should conduct fool-proof screening of workers before employment to ascertain a drug-free workplace environment. It is also the duty of the employer to assist the employees handle personal issues before they escalate. This can be done by ensuring there is an active Employee Assistance Programme. Training the employees on how to detect a change of character that may develop into violence and the best way to deal and report these incidents is also necessary.

Considering that layoffs and job terminations are inevitable in the workplace, the employer should include guidelines and formula necessary. A prohibition of weapons at the work place and conduction searches can be effective in the prevention of violence (Timm and Chandler, n.d.). The employer may also improve security by application of such strategies as security lighting, CCTV, alarms and ensuring a clear view of the workplace from outside. Robberies can also be avoided by the above measures and also limiting the amount of cash to avoid enticing the robbers into daring the attack. It is also advisable to come up with crisis management plans for a variety of scenarios. This will keep the employees confident due to preparedness. More so violence and violence related acts should be prohibited. This should include threats, intimidation and harassment, bullying and stalking. 

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