9 Aug 2022


Should Junk Food Be Banned in Schools?

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Discussion 1: Niccu Post 

Children tend to spend most of their time in schools and hence learn most of the things in schools including healthy diets and self-care. Therefore, schools have a paramount role to play when it comes to the choice of food that children make. In my opinion, what the children learn in school involving healthy diets reflects throughout their life. Helping children learn about healthy diets and physical exercise should be part of the school curriculum the same way they are taught on how to read and write. Children see most of food adverts at school and hence they are likely to follow what they see (Marshall & Ebbs, 2016). The schools therefore need to create a way of advertising healthier diets rather than junk foods. 

Discussion 2: Lasarah Post 

The prevalence of obesity and overweight students in schools continues to increase. This trend can be attributed to the kind of food choices that children make. They learn the habit from what they get at school and at home. As much as there is a fight against junk foods, they still exist in schools and it proves hard to deal with them. An article written by Alexander & Lincoff (2016) indicates that the kind of schools that children attend determine the choices of food they make. Children who attend schools in low-income neighborhoods develop obesity and overweight because they consume more junk foods as compared to those in high income areas. 

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Discussion 3: Jessica Post 

In my opinion, schools need to ensure that they provide healthy diets to the students. It includes intake of whole foods, fruits and vegetables. With this, the students can carry the same habit to their homes thus cutting down on the rate of junk foods in schools. Schools need to define the kind of beverages and foods that need to be sold to students (Datar & Nicosia, 2012). There is a much heated debate on what needs to be done to ensure junk food is eliminated from schools. Therefore, schools need to do more in ending the menace. 


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