20 May 2022


The Social Construction of Race

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In the attached video “"Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes,” Eminem points out that for you to be a man you have to have money, girls, and dominate among other men. He points out that music is a source of his identity citing out that black people in their mind have got two people, one him who he is and the thug whom he has to protect how the video captures views of several American hip-hop singers. The hip-hop singers share their divergent views on their identity and how the music industry has played a fundamental role in their lives vis-à-vis the perception of the society in the multiracial nation. In such a nation, perceptions based on color, sex, gender, orientation, and economic class play a crucial role in the social construction of race.

Eminem in the video "Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes." Together with Fat Joe, 50 cent cites various instances of how the hip-hop music in America has developed over time. It is evident that social happenings in the world most democratic nation have evolved over time and the current perception of the concept of race. Thriftiness among the citizen has led to new concepts of men protection through gun violence. Through some songs, some of the rhymes cite musicians quoting several merchants who engage in gun violence to guard their property by use of dangerous weapons.

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According to the USA Hip Hop minister, Conrad Till Hard in the video, Hip-Hop music has tried to impact on all sectors in the country. Violence is the central theme of discussion for the hip hop icons. He gives a brief statistics of the violence experienced in America. He says that America has previously supported the culture of violence. Violence, for that matter, is the leading cause of death to the black men in America between the ages of 15-34 years. Black men are likely to be homicide victims than any other racial group. 

The social construction of race is vividly brought out by the artists who admit that music causes changes in the society. Through hip-hop music, the society has been sensitized to participate in protests against gender-based violence against women. Language has played a big role in enhancing social construction of race since some words such bitch, nigger used by the G-Unit has been used vehemently to suit various contexts. Various contradicting topics such gays’, drugs, killings, homosexuality, gang violence, culture have come out and have been a source of promoting social construction of race.

Come to think of it; the reality is that race is an idea and not a fact. Using the music example artist can use different trumpets, guitar, bands who are uniquely gifted irrespective of their region of origin the music is sweet.For this reason, no one should discriminate the other by color, sex, orientation among other traits since music is sweet by rhyme and beat beyond these divisive differences.

On my conclusion, I think that there is a need for a paradigm shift in the societal perception of race. The biological difference should be a cause of unity in diversity in the globe for all the continents. While appreciating our sociocultural differences, the color should not divide people into races. This will help to combat negative effects of violence in the globe associated with racism. This can be enhanced through collective acceptance of diversity in unity, agreement and imposition hence harmonizing our status and dominance over others.


Smedley, A., & Smedley, B. D. (2005). Race as biology is fiction, racism as a social problem is real: Anthropological and historical perspectives on the social construction of race.  American Psychologist 60 (1), 16.

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