7 Jan 2023


Society's High Expectations of Youngsters

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Society places high expectations on youngsters and while these expectations are often clear most of the time we lack the proper guidance to achieve this. Each day we are asked to strive to reach our potential, achieve independence, and not forget the culture from which we come from. Many of us feel the need to grow up faster than we should and sometimes we fail to enjoy our childhood and understand the changes we are going through. The same society that is instilling the need for success is falling short of providing meaningful support and as a result, young people are left to fend for themselves and figure things out on their own. A youngster’s development is characterized by rapid physiological, sexual, cognitive and emotional changes. We face difficulties dealing with our peers, family members, school and so forth. 

From the time we are born, parents’ guardians, teachers, and other persons we interact with have advice on how certain things should be done. They comment of the way we walk, the way we talk, how we should do things better than them. As a young person, I am expected to achieve the highest grades in school, have a clear plan for my future but at the same time, I should not take myself too seriously. While at home, my parents expect me to help around the home, not to spend all my time watching TV or on my phone. I am supposed to act in a responsible manner. Stepping out, my friends want me to be fun and easygoing; at school, I should be serious in my studies and aspire to attend top schools. All this can be overwhelming. 

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A lot of importance in obtaining a higher education; Parents will tell us to attend college as they see this as having a significant importance on future choices. The irony is thousands are graduating and the workforce is not able to accommodate all these persons. For this reason, many young adults will have conflicting emotions when it comes to higher education. The world is changing and more professional are coming up that do not require one having a higher education. Even with this, it is difficult for many to accept that youngsters can make way through life without a college degree. 

Each phase of growth sees new experiences, meeting new friends; new social circles that need to have us change to feel included. Not only are we changing socially, we are also changing physically, as a result looking to fit in and find our place. I realize that some of the beliefs I may have held as a young child may not be a representation of reality. Young people like me understand that making decisions on our own is an integral part to put growing up. 

Society expects that our generation should not be making mistakes since we have a wider range of information centers. The transition each generation undergoes is marred with mistakes and learning from this. Otherwise, how will we know right from wrong if we do not make a few mistakes along the way? The way in which any society develops is bettering them and the flaws that occur along the way are to be embraced and not condemned. It is not right for the society to expect a flawless generation when they are not making the right, steps to ensuring these flaws do not happen. The older generation is seen to condone racism, bias, corruption and other vices. These actions are going to be emulated by the upcoming generation. We have been taught to seek a way to make money with little regard for those around us. The result of this is a generation that is self centered and is not willing to accommodate the needs of others. The pressures placed on us will not be interpreted in the same way. Some will cope and emerge successfully while others may take a while to find their footing. 

It is important for us to understand that nothing we seek to have comes easy. Unless one is born to a wealthy and well to do family, for the rest of us, we will need to work hard to achieve that which we seek. When this is understood then one can have the capacity to know that failure is a part of life. a school setting will have some persons passing with high grades while others in the same class are struggling to make a passable grade. The same goes for development into adulthood, some will find their footing easily while others will not. My generation is surrounded by a need to show off: one need to have the latest gadgets, clothes, and applications, listen to the trendiest music, speak in a certain way, and document each and every activity using the social media platforms. While all this is welcome it should not be the standard we aspire to achieve. 

What is of importance is building valuable relationships with those closest to us. We need to have decent conversations with our parents and teachers and other significant persons we meet. They have experienced much of the things we are going through and will not lack some words to enable us to navigate through life. Each stage we go through is an opportunity to learn and we need to make the most of this. Having a chance to build lives outside social media is what will shape us to the kind of persons we want to be. 

I always advocate for my friends to read much more than the blogs we subscribe to online. We will gain knowledge from such constructive behavior and understand that there’s more to the world we live in than being trendy. Exposing our minds to such diverse sources knowledge will enable us to understand the changes we are going through. As young adults, we may experience difficulties trying to keep up to the standards of society. The older generation has the task of informing and educating the upcoming generation. It may seem that we have little to be stressing over, but this is far from the truth. The shifting dynamics we undergo as young adults have us confused and even lead to the development of inferior feelings. We experience dilemmas at each turn; we are torn between achieving our goals and dreams while ensuring we do not let down our parents or loose ourselves in the presence. The most we need as young people is an encouragement and the room for growth and most importantly the understanding of society that all the expectations placed on us should be realistic. Each of us wants to be successful and lead pleasant lives but this can only be achieved when the young people are allowed to live their lives in the right manner and with proper direction. 

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