25 Apr 2022


Staff Satisfaction in a Faith-based Organization

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In every healthcare system, there exist health workers caring for the patients, providing essential services to patients and translating health material to real action. In changing population, rising epidemics and increased disease burden propel the need of appropriately and motivated skilled workers as the persistence for the shortage of general health employees continues. Healthcare system needs to consider the organization's conditions affecting their workforce nonfinancial and motivation incentives. The study focused on how the faith-based organizations of health care had higher satisfied staff in comparison with secular based team.

Faith-based health sectors are viewed as the most efficient regarding service delivery and are in best position to motivate, retain and attract staff than the secular-based health sector. The faith-based organization seems to be mobile-enabling their workforce to have the great advantage of learning more in diverse fields by serving patients residing in rural regions where secular lacks strong presence and penetration (Hodge, 2013). Workplace environment of faith-based workers has been proven to impact job retention and satisfaction thus the sector might form an environment that is better for health profess

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religious organizations are linked with greater patience, empathy, and compassion for the patients’ health thus resulting in higher satisfaction levels between the patient and the nurse for best delivery of quality service (Hodge, 2013). It is believed that workers in a Faith-based organization are motivated through compensation, promotion, and award or recognized on board as the best worker, which is rare in secular organizations.

Faith-based health care is having the higher satisfaction of staff compared to the secular based healthcare, its system needs to be embraced by international society in addressing the global health workers shortage and related health systems in public and secular healthcare sectors. The secular sector should consider instituting religious variables like empathy and patience in designing the initiatives of human resource. 


Hodge, D. R. (2013). Do faith‐based providers respect client autonomy? A comparison of client and staff perceptions in religious and secular residential treatment programs. Social Thought , 19 (3), 39-57. doi:10.1080/15426432.2000.9960267

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