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Standardized Terminology and Language in Informatics

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Impact of payment denial 

Government funding of health care systems is vital in assisting individuals who require financial help. There emerge challenges in funding when government funding systems are abused or taken advantage of leading to closing such programs and bringing many impacts. The payment denial has had numerous impacts most notably on the quality of care provided to patients, hospital finances as well as nursing practice. The nurses are tasked with showing the interventions they have undertaken in offering care thus pitting them in a position to show their economic impact on hospitals. Additionally, initiating payment denial will to a large extent affect hospital facilities which will boil down to reduced quality of care provided to patients.

Using standardized language 

The use of a standardized language in nursing is important since it facilitates smooth communication among nurses and care providers (Doenges, Moorhouse, Murr, & Bligh, 2016). Additionally, effective use of a standardized language acts to facilitate the accurate taking of shared data to aid in improving healthcare. It is integral to employ standard terminologies given that it makes it easier to measure outcomes while providing adequate visibility of work done (Doenges, et al., 2016). Standardizing documentation language enhances the ability of devices and systems to interpret and exchange data in an understandable way by final users commonly known as interoperability.

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Evidence-based practice 

Using guidelines for evidence-based practice is crucial in realizing patient outcomes since the safety of patients is increased given that the guidelines help come up with predictable outcomes (Berghella, 2017). Treating patients with guidelines on evidence-based practice improve treatment success rates since the guidelines are mainly patient-centered. Improving success rates acts to reduce costs of healthcare while downplaying chances of medical complications.


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