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Strategic Planning Process Map

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Question 1 

The general observation of Emory University Healthcare is the institution is well run with various departments such as the emergency department, ICU, burn center, and neonatal intensive care unit. The healthcare facility has excellent healthcare professionals who offer excellent healthcare services, and this has contributed significantly to the success of the healthcare institution. In addition to this, Emory University Healthcare has remained proactive in allowing engagement with stakeholders on potential conflict areas. 

Question 2 

In order to understand assess the internal and external business environment of Emory University Healthcare, then it is important to conduct a SWOT analysis of the healthcare institution. The SWOT analysis of Emory University Healthcare is detailed below: 

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  Internal  External 
Positive  Strengths  Opportunities 

Professional employees 

Governing board 

Competing physicians 

New technologies 

Emerging markets 

Negative  Weaknesses  Threats 

Impecunious patients 

Outdated technology 

Insurance plan charges 

Staff problems 

Adverse demographic changes 

Question 3 

With the rising cost of care, the greatest weakness for Emory University Healthcare is impecunious patients. These patients are not in a position to meet the rising cost of care because of the rising premiums in care. The challenge of impecunious patients presents a significant weakness to the healthcare institution because patients are not able to afford healthcare institution. This, in turn, places Emory University Healthcare under an ethical dilemma because they have to choose if they will offer premium healthcare services to patients who cannot cater for the cost of care. Another weakness is outdated technology, which reduces efficiency in the operations and may result in medical and clinical errors. 

Question 4 

Additionally, Emory University Healthcare has issues with its decision making organ, and they should focus on improving its decision-making process in the institution. To improve the decision-making process, the organization must be open to opinions from all stakeholders and collaborate on experts before implementing decisions. Also, this will be attained by aligning the objectives of the various managerial departments, such as human resource management, marketing management, strategic management, and inter-alia organizational management. 

Question 5 

For Emory University Healthcare to improve its services moving into the services, they can opt to use the following strategies. One key strategy will be to reduce waste and increase the efficiency of operations in order to minimize the operating cost of the organization. In addition to this, Emory University Healthcare can increase its revenue by discussing shared saving agreements with healthcare payers. In order to reduce the cost of care by assessing labor and non-labor expenses in order to cut down on unnecessary expenses. 

Question 6 

Aside from these, there are a number of opportunities that Emory University Healthcare can use to grow. The healthcare institution can expand to different untapped markets in different cities around the state where the healthcare institution can establish new branches in order to offer care to more people. There is a new emerging technology that improves the quality of care provided by the organization. These technologies include smart inhalers and precision medicine. 

Question 7 

Emory University Healthcare faces the challenge of unhealthy competition between the hospital staff, which has affected teamwork and the general productivity of the organization. Another critical challenge is the rising cost of care, which has made it hard for patients to afford quality care services. The final challenge is the threat that stems from changing healthcare needs of the diverse demographic within the city. 

Question 8 

Developing the stakeholder map for Emory University Healthcare has been key in developing a blueprint that can be used to improve the efficiency of the healthcare facility. The healthcare institution needs to look at the threats and weaknesses in order to improve its existing services and focus on the opportunities in order to grow and improve. They can do so by focusing on the set strategies. 

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