11 May 2022


Surrogacy is Morally Right

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Surrogacy is a method that is used to assist in reproduction, and it helps intended parents to start families when they cannot ( Circle Surrogacy LLC, 2018). Surrogacy occurs in two types: gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is performed through In Vitro Fertilization while in traditional surrogacy; a surrogate becomes pregnant with the use of her eggs. Surrogacy is morally right because it enhances the happiness of childless couples as mandated by utilitarianism and bioethics principles.

Based on utilitarianism, the practice of surrogacy in the society is ethically right. Utilitarianism states that something is morally correct when it produces the most considerable amount of good for the highest number of people ( Halverson, 2018). In surrogacy, this applies when the intended parents receive their desired utility, which in turn brings happiness to the family. Consequently, the surrogate delivers the service and receives her payment as agreed, thus, bringing happiness to herself. The consequences of this act bring happiness to both parties since they both achieve their satisfaction.

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The four principles of bioethics also portray that surrogacy is a moral practice. These principles include autonomy, justice, beneficence, and nonmaleficence ( McCormick, 2013). Firstly, the principle of autonomy gives patients the mandate of making their health care decisions, hence, implying that the patient can act intentionally, with understanding, and without controlling influences that would hinder a free and voluntary act. In surrogacy, autonomy is applied when the intended parents and the surrogate have a collective agreement to meet each other’s demands without being influenced. Secondly, the principle of justice in health care is usually an act of fairness to the patients (McCormick, 2013). In surrogacy, justice is applied when the intended parents meet the payment demands of the surrogate mother. However, this also applies to the surrogate whose responsibility is to deliver the child to their rightful owner.

Thirdly, the principle of beneficence depicts that health care provider’s work to benefit the patients, as well as, to prevent or remove harm from the patients. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother is supposed to undergo various tests to qualify and also to make sure that the physical and mental health is proper for the process to be performed. The intended parents are also checked to make sure that they are ready for the results. Lastly, the principle of nonmaleficence requires health care professionals not to harm or injure the patient either through acts of commission or omission (McCormick, 2013). The intended parents also ensure that the surrogate mother is taken care of by providing all the antenatal clinics to make sure that the child is usually growing and is of good health. They must also ensure that the mother has protection, feeds appropriately, and make sure that they provide her with her essential needs. 

In conclusion, surrogacy is morally right since it helps couples that are not able to have children get the opportunity to have a family of their own. Gestational surrogacy is done through In Vitro Fertilization; therefore, the intended parents can use their eggs if it is possible. Surrogacy works in line with the utilitarianism theory as it is an act for achieving happiness. This is realized when the intended parents get their desired utility by having a full family while the surrogate mother also feels good when she completes her part and receives her payment. Consequently, the moral justification of surrogacy in the society is also endorsed by the bioethics principles which include Autonomy, Justice, Beneficence, and Nonmaleficence.


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