4 Jul 2022


Technology Awareness Assessment

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A new skill for me 

Necessary steps for reaching my goal 

Target date 

Create a blog 

Pick a name to describe my blog and register it online 

Writing something on my blog and posting it 


Create new folders on my desktop 

Right-click on my home screen and a drop-down menu appears 

Select new folder and name it. 


Subscribe to an RSS feed 

Find a website that has a feed 

Then subscribe to that feed 


Notably, in my program, I always have experience with technology in day to day activities. In this case, I can perform tasks on my computer with ease and comfort. Technology really plays a crucial goal in my life as a practicing nurse. For instance, in terms of drug retrieval and delivery systems and also it improves patient care. 

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Information technology helps me in my nursing career to manage information systems of a clinic. These systems combine health records of a patient or their lab results among other important information. This gives a nurse the necessary information to help in researching the conditions of the patient. One can also get recommendable medical doses from such doses. 

As a practicing nurse, technology eases communication between various departments. Communication is faster and accurate. For this reason, time is well managed giving nurses more time for personalized care. Therefore, it improved healthcare services in general. There are also specialized medical services that improve accuracy and helps reduce unnecessary errors in the workflow. As a practicing nurse, I have to keep up with the developing technology and the new tools to enable modernization and efficiency in my workplace. 


Balhara, Y. P. S., Dahiya, N., Varshney, M., Garg, S., & Bhargava, R. (2018). Awareness, Self-Assessment and Help-Seeking Behavior for Behavioral Addictions Related to Use of Mobile Technology Among Attendees of a Health Camp. Journal of The Association of Physicians of India 66 , 45. 

Carson, K. L. (2017). Reliability and Predictive Validity of Preschool Web-Based Phonological Awareness Assessment for Identifying School-Aged Reading Difficulty.  Communication Disorders Quarterly 39 (1), 259-269. 

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