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The American College of Health Executives (ACHE)

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The American College of Health Executives has different codes of ethics that their professionals rely on during their daily operations. The codes of ethics that members of this association refer to are five and are autonomous in nature. A study of the regulations indicates that they are self-independent and do not copy any forms of functions from or rely on other organizations. The codes are also benefiting to the professionals in that they provide clear direction on what the health professionals are supposed to do to stay true to their profession of health provision. For example, the codes stipulate factors such as obedience to clients, oneself, and to organizations. On the same note, the codes of ethics promote the need for the healthcare professionals to provide justice to their patients, communities, and the people served while undertaking their duties. For example, the codes of conduct state that (ACHE, 2014). These principles are supported by the preamble of the codes of ethics. By reading the preamble, one realizes it sells out the functions of the systems, how the codes help the professional to be independent in their service provisions and sells out the moral obligations and the need for justice as the professionals conduct their duties. 

A wider part of the codes of ethics is geared towards etiquette and ethics. For example, a greater part of the ethics requires that health professionals be responsible for their professions of health care management. This portion aims to protect the executives and the job in entirety. By protecting the fundamentals and requirements of the health professions, the health manager should provide their services with utmost honesty, respect, integrity, fairness and good faith. They should do all these in a way that will reflect well on the profession (Illinois Institute of Technology, 2011). The health professionals should also protect the profession by observing and undertaking their responsibilities to the people, they serve. For example, the health executive must work to ensure that they provide a high quality of health services to their clients. On the same note, they should work in a way that provides them with an opportunity for enabling them to inform the patient of people served off the possible risks, opportunities, and responsibilities that relates to the types of services rendered to them.

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The codes of ethics are very applicable to the daily areas of specialization in that the health professionals need to practice integrity in their field of work (Baker, 1999). On the same note, studies reveal that before administering any health procedure, the doctors need to inform their patients of the possible risks and outcomes if any. For example, surgical procedures are usually hazardous and can lead to possible deaths. Therefore, professionals make patients aware of such risks and give them a consent form to fill that relieves the doctor off any responsibility should the patient die in the process of an operation. On the other hand, the codes of the ethics require that the health professionals be respectful not only to their organizations but also to their clients and people served. This is a daily practical procedure in all health organizations. They must also rightfully serve their responsibilities to their organizations (Humhrey, 2004).

One of the consequences of failing to adhere to the codes of ethics is that a professional stands to lose their operational licenses (Illinois Institute of Technology, 2011). This means that they cannot take part in private or public practice if they fail to adhere to the codes of ethics. On the same note, the professionals may also be banned from practice for some time if they are found guilty of disobeying any of the rules. Being banned is a negative sign and has adverse effects on a person professional practice. The professionals may also be prohibited from opening their areas of practice and may be forced to go back to school if they do not respect the rules. For the upcoming professionals, they stand the risk of not being given a license to practice their professions. These risks are very active in enforcing good practice among the professionals because none of them would want to lose their hard-earned licenses and permission to practice in their line of profession 

One of the changes I would make to the code of ethics is that I would include a code of ethics that makes it mandatory for the professionals to uphold the need for patient safety. The health professionals should know that patient safety is a imperative part of their profession. On the same note, would code that requires that all the professionals take the necessary responsibilities for any medical mishap that occurs in their line of professions (ACHE, 2014). Research has shown that many people have suffered various problems due to medical practices. However, the consent forms signed by the patients usually put the blame on the patient but not on the health professional. Therefore, the codes of ethics should ensure that doctors take responsibility for any medical malpractice. 


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