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The analysis of "Gilgamesh", "The Tempest" and "The Distance of the Moon"

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This text is important as it lays the foundation for the purpose of the story to find the source of eternal life. The theme of love is brought out adequately within this passage. Explaining Gilgamesh’s spurning of the goddess Ishtar’s advances, the text shows that indeed Gilgamesh was not pleased with the goddess’ moves on him. This part of the text is important as it sets the stage for the destruction of the friendship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu, a wild man who became a friend to the king, Gilgamesh. Furthermore, it brings to explanation why Gilgamesh would go to the extremes that he did in search of the source of eternal life – something that was adequately out of the reach of mankind (Thrower, 1980).

The Tempest 

Chess in The Tempest goes on to show the theme of romantic love between Fernando and Miranda. The theme of love is outstanding as Fernando has undertaken to remain pure until marriage to Miranda. Therefore, he is displayed as playing chess with the girl – a most harmless action as they await their marriage. On the other hand, this scene could be symbolic of Prospero’s taking of the dukedom to himself. In a previous scene, Prospero had cornered the duke, Alonso, into giving up his dukedom. In the same vein, the aim off chess is to corner one’s king to a point of giving up (Shmoop, 2015).

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The Distance of the Moon 

This fictional short story is important as it shows the effects of human environmental degradation. At a time when the moon was very close to the earth and people could easily move across the realms, there was much degradation so that even the soil of the moon would be contaminated by human activity (Calvino, 2014). This brings out the theme of environmental conservation as a matter of modern day issues that needs urgent addressing.

On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning 

This text presents the introduction to the love story that is about to unfold. From the onset, the subject is bemused with the girl, who was in fact quite old to be called a girl. The theme of romantic love is once again presented as a question of the reality of meeting ‘the one’. Juxtaposition is used in the story, where at one point, love is described as cosmic – a miracle. On the other hand, it is also ordinary and even boring (Kendry, 2014). This portion brings out the idea of love as a conflicting idea, especially with regards to finding true love.


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