28 Oct 2022


The Challenges Facing Human Resource Management

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Human resource management refers to a tactical and comprehensible approach towards the management of a firm's assets and the people who ensure the firm achieves its goals. A meaningful version of HRM incorporates certain aspects that sum up into managing people. Human resource management operates through the human resource system that includes such elements as social philosophies, strategies, policies, processes, practices, and programs. Harvard school proposed that HRM had two distinctive attributes, which are line managers who take more roles for ensuring the positioning of the face of strategy and policies. The latter's responsibility is to ensure developing and implementing augmentative procedures—the aims of HRM focus on achieving organization-specific goals. The objectives include the effectiveness of the organization, managing human capital, assignment of knowledge, good employee relations, and leading rewards within the organization. Some of the policies of HRM include; Taking care of people's assets that are useful to the organization, promoting teamwork across the internal organization, encouraging employees to self- develop, among others. 

The characteristics of HRM are based on the writings and commentators and includes majoring on business values, responsibility, belief that people should be treated as assets, dedication- oriented and multiples in an organization. The most crucial trait of HRM is based on strategic integration, which requires people's commitment. It is concerned with the ability of an organization to incorporate HRM functions. It also focuses on encouraging line managers to combine an HRM perspective on their own. The HRM personnel management analyzes the difference between HRM and personal control, which is perceived to be emphasizing the virtues of treating people. HRM focuses on integrating strategies while the latter flows on the business strategies. The context of HRM takes place within an organization's environment and focuses on definitions of aims, policies and procedures, list of activities, among others. The challenges facing HRM are globalization, technology, profitability through growth, intellectual capital, among others. 

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