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The Constitution and Federal Government

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The four major components of the government that impact our daily lives include the following: health and wellness, security, bill of rights and education. The bill of rights grants the citizens certain rights under the Federal Law for the Freedom of Speech, rights to bear arm, Equal rights and freedom of religion. The Bill of Rights in the Constitution ensures that the government does not have much power and does not interfere with the American’s freedom. Such rights and responsibilities are at local, state and Federal level. The second component is health and wellness where it states that every American has the right to proper and speedy healthcare irrespective of the fact whether they can afford it or not. The government has established various programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, food stamp and Veteran's programs to address these needs and they mostly fall within state and Federal level. The third component is education where the state and Federal government have created different training and education programs meant for those willing to further themselves in education. Often, education and training programs are supported using loans, grants, and scholarship. The further component is security, where the state and Federal government have placed measures in place to protect and provide a safer environment for all the citizens. 

Failure to manage the identified components above would have resulted in massive abuse of rights and issues of insecurities would have gone up. Life would have been unbearable since most people would not have been able to access essential services such as food and medication and this would have resulted in massive loss of life and spread of diseases countrywide. The government thus plays a vital role in providing essential public services and provides security for everyone; therefore lack of government involvement would mean a chaotic world and people might not be able to access basic services for the improvement of their well-being. 

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The Constitution of the US performs the major role of protecting the personal liberty of the Americans from possible intrusion from the government. It outlines the role of the government and at the same time limit the power of the government to ensure that there is the balance between these components and the government’s power hence preventing potential discrimination by the state. Civic can be understood as the concept of good citizenship and proper membership in the community. It is critical to understand the rights and duty of the citizens and how the government works towards improving the wellbeing of the citizens. An average citizen plays a vital role towards developing and facilitating such government powers on each level of authority by abiding by the law and actively participating in activities that would contribute towards nation building. 

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