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The Dangers of Life and Society without Ethics

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Ethics refers to the moral principle that governs someone behaves in conducting daily activities, by giving us the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. On the contrary, laws, rules, regulations, standards and policies refer to accepted principles and instructions that state how things should be done, what should and what should not be done. Ethics are essential in society to keep people on the right path to make sure that people live in peace and harmony ( Willits et al., 1973). Life and society without ethics will be a living hell nearly impossible. 

Dishonesty will dominate in society as a whole. Everybody in the community will be deceitful provided people get what they need (Bazerman & Gino, 2012). Additionally, the level of criminal activities such as theft robbery and murder will increase because there will be no punishments for those unlawful activities. Furthermore, justice will be hard to find and the influential people in the society will always take advantage over the week people as they can do nothing about it. For instance, women in the community can be mistreated, and there is nothing they can do. Moreover, the world will not be a secure home to stay as everybody will be caring about his or her desires and that they could do anything to make sure that they satisfy themselves (Singer, 2004). Violence will dominate every county be it developed or developing there will be nowhere to have a peace of mind as people will be living in fear. In conclusion life and society without ethics means the end of the world. Laws, rules, regulations, standards and policies are fundamental in making the society and the world as a whole a better place for everyone, where people have equal rights. 

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