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The Decision to Drop the Bomb

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The decision to use atomic bombs by the Americans on Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the World War II remains a great source of controversy in the American history. Many factions have varying opinions on the people to blame for the use of this destructive weapon, but many people widely share the significance of the war. It was on 6 th August 1945 the day that will continue to be known to the whole world; during this time the brutality of the fighting was at its best and American B-29 bomber detonated a devastating weapon on the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki would also be attacked by the same weapon minutes later. The decision to use the atomic bombs during the war in Japan had an enormous significance to the American as well as the world politics in general. 

The use of atomic bomb in 1945 led to a political race for influence that has not stopped to this day. One of the biggest and direct significance that the use of the atomic bomb had was the immediate ending of the war in the east. Soon after the Americans employed the use of the atomic bomb on the two cities, the Japanese emperor soon announced surrender on a radio marking the end of the war at the eastern front. The immediate end of the world war was the beginning of the US term as a super power and a force to reckon in world politics and economy. However, the end of the war led to an entirely different kind of war where countries wrestled to develop weapons of mass destruction which can be used in an event of another war breaking out. The atomic energy also has since then been harnessed to generate power which is to be used in factories and powering homes. The death toll from the impact of the atomic bomb is still felt by many to this day. Thousands of people died, and the effects of radiation as a result of the nuclear energy were experienced long after the war. The technology of enriching uranium is now threatening world peace and is feared to have fallen into the hands of the terrorists, and the world is now finding ways to regulate its use. 

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Harry Truman is the primary person being mentioned whenever the topic of Nagasaki and Hiroshima is brought up. After Truman had learned of the success of the Manhattan project, it was evident to him that he was faced with the daunting task of making a decisive move to end the war and stop the casualties. The battle was taking a toll on the American population, and a lot of resources that were being invested in the war were draining the American Taxpayers money. However, the decision to end the war would involve the unleashing of a terrible weapon that the world has ever known. Despite the view by some people that Harry Truman is fully to blame on the use of Atomic bomb on Japan, it is in my opinion that the American population, the Japanese population, the Japanese emperor and Truman’s close associates are also to be blamed equally. The pressure from the American population, for instance, who were weary of the fighting to end the war and the persistence of the Japanese population on fighting as well as the failure of the Japanese emperor to announce unconditional surrender made Truman use whatever was at his disposal to bring the war to an immediate end by whatever means he could. The threats and pressure from the president’s inner circle, on the other hand, became another possible reason why the president made this decision. 

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