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The differences between old age dysentery and modern-day dysentery

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Dysentery was an ailment that got people felling sickly during the rainy seasons. People from the mid-east suffered a lot with dysentery. In the Bible, Acts 28:8 Paul cured who suffered from dysentery. The man was suffering from fever and dysentery. In the book of 2 Chronicles 21:8, people had suffered from dysentery; The Lord punished Jeroboam with an incurable disease of bowels. Organisms like bacteria and worms caused it. Dysentery at that time would be very severe and caused deaths. People would experience adnominal pains, high fever. Rapid weight loss was also experienced with people with dysentery, and death would follow a few days later. The Bible does not show how the disease was healed but prayers cured it. In the book of Acts 28:8 the father of Publius was healed when Paul prayed and lay hands on him, he healed (Russel, 2006). 

The similarities between the Old age disease of dysentery and the new age of dysentery are the disease symptoms and how it manifested on a person. With severe diarrhea, severe stomach pains, high fever and weight loss. The causes are the same with the modern age dysentery caused by Shigella bacillus or bacteria which are the most common causes. The differences between old age dysentery and modern-day dysentery are all on the treatment. It can now be controlled without causing deaths and spreading around. In the past, it could not be controlled and when it attacked, it came like a plague, leading to deaths. In modern day times, there exist treatments that can cure the bacterial infections. People have been encouraged to wash their hands before eating and this has helped reduce the number of cases for dysentery. In severe cases, doctors recommended drugs that replace fluids lost to prevent dehydration. Deaths caused by dysentery have been minimal in modern times compared to old age times (Levine, Dupont, & Formal, 2017). 

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Levine, M., Dupont, H., & Formal, S. (2017). Pathogenesis of Shigella dysenteriae 1 (Shiga) Dysentery. The Journal of Infectious Diseases , 261-270. 

Russel, W. (2006). Plagues,rats and the Bible again : a postscript. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine , 1. 

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