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The Effects of Foreign Aid on Poverty and Warfare

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War is characterized by brutal clashes which include extreme violent behavior, public chaos and a high number of deaths. The fighting is usually pre-planned .the different groups or people go to battle with the intention of changing the physical hierarchy of equality or leadership. On the other hand, peace is a time of harmony recognized by the lack of violence, justice, aggression and not fearing the onset of clashes (Harper, 2012). The two aspects have influenced the desirability of foreign aids to provide and distribute foreign aid among developing countries .the essay shall discuss the negative and positive effects of war and peace in foreign aid distribution in Somalia. Consequently, it will assess actions that the leadership of the country has taken in ensuring the foreign aid to get rid of the problems caused by warfare. Also, it will discuss the importance of the external support as a way of reducing poverty and a further war in Somalia. 

Wars substantially limit the access of charitable groups to people who need basic needs like food, water, and shelter in Somalia. Due to insecurity, it lessens the areas that are served by the aid personnel. In 2012, during the war, people were scared to move places thus making their existence difficult Immobility causes access to valuable resources like water, firewood, and food. 

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However, on the positive side, aid provision in Somalia has also affected the way in which people perceive the war and the times that it happens (Ursing, Desai, 2016). For instance, during the 1990s, war was mainly between different tribes in Mogadishu .the city was divided into segments .In 2007 and 2011, AMISOM peacekeeping troupes were able to enter Somalia and ensure normalcy in the country 

The Leaders’ use of Foreign Aid 

Somalia has made a stride in voting in a president, although, they have not utilized the massive foreign aids in ensuring that poverty and wars engulfing the country. In its place, they have taken benefit of the help to further their personal agendas of becoming rich. Since the country has gained some peace, there have been no significant developments regarding building better infrastructure, schools, and hospitals. For example under the leadership of Said Barre in the 1970s used assistance started by the international community to curb the harsh food shortage problem that was experienced from 1973-74.also, during the Ogaden war, government officials who acted as intermediaries in delivering food to the refugees ended up selling the food and other provisions meant to help the people. Therefore, the Somali government has not yet realized the importance of foreign aids in helping the country develop (Betancourt, et.al, 2015). 

Effects of Foreign Aid on Poverty and Warfare 

Honestly, the donation of foreign assistance in Somalia has not had any significant help towards reducing the poverty and the constant state of poverty in Somalia. The local people can be blamed for this situation since they are not willing to cooperate with the international organizations. Most of the individuals who have been appointed to ensure that the people get aid are often tribal hence causing inequity in the distribution of resources. 

Thus, the foreign aid only benefits a few Somalis who have connections and those with relative power as contrary to helping those in dire need of food, shelter and medical care. In most cases the foreign assistance goes through the intermediaries who are mostly political leaders, prominent businesspeople, senior community members and other influential people .They have control of information resources and access to specific areas such as refugee camps ( Savun, Tirone,2014). Hence, they are in charge of deciding who receives or does not receive aid .Additionally, due to their greediness, they take some portions meant for relief which they later sell therefore creating a situation of a few rich individuals and a majority poor. 

The international community has also created hostility between the different people in Somali. This is contrary to the notion of bringing stability and peace. Research states that foreign aid is likely to increase conflict because it sets up parallel cost-cutting which makes the economy of the country collapse. Somali is an example of this problem. For example, too much funding from the United Nations in Mogadishu, wars between the militia clans increased. Additionally, the foreign aid provided during the UNOSOM period in Somalia was used by the leaders as a tool for gaining favor with the people and clinging to power (Juselius, et.al, 2014). 

Also, due to clashes in the country, the charitable organizations in Somalia have to pay a lot of money to different authorities for protection against attacks from militiamen. The reason is that most of the people who need help are in the remote areas of Somali or in areas which significant economic value. 


Provision of foreign aid has faced criticism as the support to other developing countries. Such can be attributed to the fact that despite the numerous aid agencies in Somalia, no improvements have been realized regarding the living conditions of the people and the provision of services such as education, good roads, and Medicare. Moreover, the poverty levels have shifted, and the country still experiences battles. Therefore, the aid agencies need to come up with ways of ensuring that Somalia develops and stands on its own feet. 


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