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The English Colonization of America and the Road to Revolution

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English Colonization and the Road to Revolution 

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English Colonization and the Road to Revolution 

Primary Sources 

Primary sources are an essential source of information since they connect the past and the present world. They contain information which explains the reason for particular events in the contemporary world. Primary sources have information on historical events and their relevance in the present ages. For the case of this paper, we will be dealing with a period of colonization of the English and the pathway to revolution. This essay will be reflecting two primary sources including an Appeal to the Public for the Religious Liberty and Liberty and Conscience. 

Although Backus had no formal education, he was a self-taught apologist and historian who played a role in transforming the status of New England Baptists which was from a sectarian denomination respectable part of the religious community ( Patrick, Long 1999) . Backus was one of the key players in the formation of 1767 of the Warren Baptist association. This cooperative organization of New England Baptists played a significant role in the struggle for religious liberty. 

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Reverend Backus contributed greatly in doing away with the legal requirement taxes that the Baptists were forced to pay to support the Congregational church. He argued that the act was against religious liberty. In his works, Reverend Isaac Backus majorly took part in advocating for freedom of conscience in matters of religious faith which is upheld until now in Massachusetts. 

Liberty and conscience reflect on the reconciliation of the objectors which was on the grounds of religion, freedom of thoughts and conscience ( Penn, 2012) . Peter Brock tries to expand on the religious and the military history which has been neglected. However, according to Brock, most people who were against military service were influenced by religious convictions. 

In 1772, Backus became an agent of the Warren Association in the cause of religious liberty and represented Baptists before Massachusetts delegation to the continental congress ( Penn, 2012) . Backus argued that the same principles that played a role in political freedom also supported religious freedom. Backus had efforts that were towards the separation of the church and the state in New England. Backus opposed the submission to the state control of the religion which involved the obtaining of licenses to exempt some people from paying church taxes. He argued that the use of the system to one’s benefits was still granting the states the right to rule in a matter of faith. Although Backus died in 1806, he saw the crusade enshrined in the first amendments to the United States Constitution. 

In addition, there was another contentious issue on whether the state would support religion financially. Advocating for the policy was based on the grounds that religion was necessary for public happiness and prosperity. Due to these grounds of the argument, religion received public financial support during the colonial period ( Laycock, 2014) . The case was different from Backus who was a Baptist and grew since the great awakening argued that churches should receive no financial support from the state. Alternatively, they argued that the divine truth having been freely received should be given to gospel ministries. 

Constitutional Debates on Freedom of Religion by Isaac Backus and liberty and conscience by Peter Brock are directly related since they address almost similar theme ( Laycock, 2014). The relationship between the Backus and the peace sect is that the people appeal from an order setting aside three-count indictment charging Backus, Joseph and ward in count I with conspiracy to prevent justice and the due administration of the laws. The order was not founded as it also appealed and was made at the close of a hearing on demurrer. 

Peter Brock is a professor of history at the University of Toronto. He served in volunteering in post war Poland during the relief mission of Anglo-American Quaker. He was also a conscientious objector. From the period of 1650s, to the time when the civil war was ending, most of North American was against military service based on the convictions of conscience ( Brock, 2002) . Conscientious objection in the modern world was resulting from Vietnam War. 

In conclusion, the two sources provide essential information on the early days in the America, the times when religion was integrated into the government and also, the times when conscientious objectors were convinced by their religion to refuse to serve in the military. The two occurrences were during the two eras, the English colonization and the road to revolution. 


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