26 Apr 2022


The Five Practices of Excellent Leadership

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Leadership can refer to the act of leading a group of people, business people or an organization. As such, it entails the establishment of a vibrant vision; involvement and coordinating others in this vision; and offering knowledge, information, guidance and strategies to realize the vision. As such, this paper seeks to explore the five practices that exemplary leaders should practice in their leadership roles.

Firstly, leaders must model the way by establishing strategies and standard and then set a good example for colleagues, constituents, and peers to follow. For example, leaders set up short-term goals so that members can attain them as they work towards achieving the long-term objectives. Besides, they untangle bureaucracy when it hinders action and creates opportunity for success.

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Secondly, they inspire a shared vision. Excellent leaders count on others in their visions and craft these visions for members to perceive the exciting prospects. These leaders believe that the organization can be transformed not by only their ideas and visions but also by other people’s visions.

Thirdly, they challenge the process. Exemplary leaders look for opportunities that challenge the status quo. For instance, they adopt risk tasks and innovations to advance the organization, and since they know that risky ventures entail failures and mistakes, they take the inevitable failures as learning occasions.

Fourthly, they enable others to act. Exemplary leaders understand the importance of fostering partnership and creating active teams. They strengthen others by creating a favorable atmosphere that makes each team member feel powered and capable. 

Finally, they encourage the heart. Excellent leaders understand the efforts that are put to achieve great goals in an organization. As such, they recognize the hard work and contributions that members make by rewarding each hardworking team or individuals. This significantly keeps the hope and determination of a hardworking individual alive.

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