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The Freer United States

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The US in the 1960s, is said to have become a freer country. I strongly agree to this statement because the blacks were able to get most of their rights. In 19465, under president Johnson, the president came up with the Voting Rights Act. This was after King launched a campaign on the voting rights in Selma where only 335 of 15000 blacks living there had rights to vote. The blacks attempt to match to the state capital saw them being assaulted by the police. Johnson then asked the Congress to pass the voting rights. The Congress immediately passed the Voting Rights Act which enabled the federal officials to register voters. (Foner Give Me Liberty, 1047) 

The immigration reform saw United States being a country made up of many races, religions and nationalities. The Hart-Cellar Act abandoned the national-origin system of immigration. This was based on family reunification and possession of skills in demand in the US. This saw a rise in number in immigrants in 1965. (Foner Give Me Liberty, 1048) 

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Towards the 2 nd half of the 1960s there was the rise of Black Power Movement which advocated for the federal government’s failure to stop violence against civil workers’ rights and the civil movement’s failure to deal with economic problems of the blacks. This movement saw the blacks’ unemployment decline. (Foner Give Me Liberty, 1053) 

By the end of 1962, there was a rule prohibiting political groups of University of California from using a central point to speak their ideas. This led the students to protest in what came to be known as the Free Speech Movement. Many students got involved in the protests and this made the university give in and do away with the policy in 1965. (Foner Give Me Liberty, 1056) 

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Foner, E. (2013). Give Me Liberty! An American History. US: Norton and Company 

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