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The History of the Americas: How the Americas Began

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According to many historians, America would have never been America without George Washington. At a time when American was hopeless and needed help most, George Washington was there to give the country just what it needed. The America Revolution is one of the greatest events in American History. It is a time when Britain the then Superpower lost its thirteen American colonies despite having a lot of advantage over them. This is the time America remembers victory and independence. Consequently, the American Revolution is also what made George Washington recognized as the first president of America and the person who led America to its independence (Schultz, 2010). 

Alternatively, that time British was a great nation with an economic and military advantage that was stronger than that of its colonies. This gave them power over its colonies. America, on the other hand, had nothing on its side, with all the hurdles that prevented them from ever waging a good fight. Nonetheless, George Washington led the country, and they won despite all the disadvantages. Many people would ask how exactly did America Win or what made the British lose?

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For one thing, the colonies had a massive geographical size that the British army could not occupy the entire countryside. This gave the Americans advantages over the British. British, therefore, had difficulties in protecting the loyalists from patriots who would sometimes murder those who were loyal to the crown. The British failure to protect its followers coupled with their inability to take advantage of the loyalists before the revolution giving America an opportunity to win. The failure of British to support its followers made them lose potential supporters.

The Americans had a weak army made up mostly of civilians. George Washington, therefore, employed tactics that would make his untrained army win. The Americans had learned of guerrilla tactics during Indian wars which they found useful in dealing with the British army. They attacked from behind trees and disappeared into the forests. Washington also employed a good strategy which entailed avoiding large-scale confrontations. Large scale confrontations would have given the British an advantage since their army was better skilled than that of America. This means a big confrontation would give the Americans no option but to surrender. The Americans did, however, surrender once in Charleston.

Spain, France, and Netherlands intervened during the war distorting the British’s attention and giving America an upper hand in the war. The British feared losing its sugar colonies in West Indies hence they were unable to concentrate its militaries in the colonies. The most important reason why Americans won the Revolution was the popular support. The revolution war was supported by many popular farmers, laborers, and artisans who put themselves in the line of fire. The revolution dissolved social ranks, religion or even region. In the history of America, this was when the American spirit was born. Everyone equally joined hands in making sure the British lost the war. It was at this time that farmers, slaves, shopkeepers and petty merchants joined hands in the continental army (Kennedy, 2005).

There were several reasons as to why some American colonies rebelled and why other remained loyal. Some who rebelled were appointed by the British in high positions, those in business with the British or some religious leaders who reported American movements to the British. Most people remained loyal to the British because they were not sure of the outcome of the war. Others judged the weakness of the American and the superiority if the British and were sure Americans would lose. For slaves, they only joined the side which offered them freedom.

The war also spun divisions not only in America but Britain as well. Some people could not believe the war was worth fighting for a while to others they were uncertain on which side to follow. These divisions only tell of the intensity of the revolutionary war and the effects of colonization on America. Despite the military and the economic advantage, the British lost the war. There are many reasons why the British lost the war, but the more precise reason was the undermining of Americans army, the tactics used on the battlefield and most important the spirit of the Americans who would do anything to liberate themselves. The revolution war, therefore, left a legacy in American history. The legacy entailed the American spirit and the unity of colonies to fight a common enemy. It marked the start of democracy in the United States since Washington wanted the people to have freedom in everything including government.


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