10 Aug 2022


The Impact of Law and Policy on Nursing Practice

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The importance of healthcare sector to a country cannot be underestimated. The country needs a healthy populace to produce and the economy to grow. However, achieving a healthy nation with an incompetent medical professional may not be possible. In conjunction with the government and the entire society cooperation, the medical profession has a role to play in maintaining a healthy population to ensure that the country benefits from its stable workforce. For this reason, countries that boast of competent medical professionals such as qualified nurse have the bragging rights. 

The statutes of different states have it that physicians have to be very capable to avoid errors which are often prevalent in the medical field. Therefore, they are statutes which are often put in place to the medical practitioner's such nurse that ensures that willingly ventures into the field and they are competent and ethically oriented to make sure that they deliver. These are the statutes which ensure that such individual is given licensed under a particular condition to ensure that only those who are qualified to practices nurse are in the field. This is very paramount as those allowed are well trained and very coherent with ethical practices in this area ( Preshaw et al ., 2016). They can identify and avoid issues such as the medical fraud, confidentiality, autonomy, and authors. Two statutes which examine the issue of license based on competency and moral coherence are put under a microscope in this paper. 

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NRS 632.140 

This is a code that considers qualification for the applicant of the license and the fee. The matter given weight in this code is the license for the qualification of becoming a professional nurse. According to this code, a professional nurse has to have some qualities to have a license to provide services to the patients. This code not only majors on the accredited course qualification. It also majors on moral characters which a nurse ought to have to have the authority to serve the populace. It is crystal clear that the code does not contain the only emphasis on the competency; it also gives weight the services provider (Calzone et al ., 2014). According to this code have it that for an individual to become a nurse and be accredited to practice nurse in the state of Nevada, the individual has to be morally upright. Alternatively, such person ought to be good health wise. The individual also has to have attained a course in nursing in a credited school of a nurse as diploma holders. Lastly, the said applicant has to remit the required fee to be considered. 

This code is imperative in the nursing practices. First, it ensures that whoever wants to be a nurse to serve the patients has to be morally upright. The consequences of any wrong issue or unethical issue in a hospital are always three, and they are very weighty. First, it can result in the death of the patient. Two it can lead to severe injury of the patient and last. The entire health care institution or the parties can be sued. For this reason, a nurse must have a moral conscious which creates the boundary in morals and guides the nurse on the decisions to make. One of the areas where nurse specializes is the emergency ( Halcomb et al ., 2016). A nurse needs to be healthy physically to ensure that emergency issues are well handled in a hospital. Alternatively, it is paramount for them to have a mental upright to make the serious decision in a hospital. This is one environment where mental dwarfism should not be a question. Competency in the field of medicine should be the parameter which should be dot less. A nurse cannot afford to have a patchy expertise since their decisions are critical to human life. Therefore, an only qualified nurse should be given a chance. 

For a very long time, I heard known that morality is very impotent and is the code of conduct which guides people. I had also known that when one undergoes training in any medical field, there are ethical issues which are priorities and an individual is expected to learn morals in a medical field. However, this came as a surprise to me since I did not know that area is choosy when it comes to morality. The gap in this code is degree level requirement. There are those nurses who venture into the area as degree holders. There cases are not address. 

NRS 632.296 

This law major in medical ethics which create the boundary in nursing practices. One of the weighty principles this code gives primary consideration is the medical fraud. First, a nurse should not involve in anything to do with fraud according to this code. Secondly, the system needs them not at any given time when carrying out their duties in a hospital to engage or act in the manner that suggests that they are about to assist another person to work in fraudulence. The nurses are required by this code to have a certificate which is obtained legally and should be legally certified by a credited institution. Lastly, it is the mandate of a nurse to have his/her training from accredited course and the training approved by the board in the profession. 

This code has a great impact in the medical field and nursing practice. This system set the crystal clear boundary for the nurses and makes it clear that fraud in a medical field is illegal. Medical fraud is one of the ethical and medical malpractices which have become prone in the current medical institutions ( Miller, 2013). Unfortunately, the medical practitioners such as nurses are often involved in medical fraud whether knowingly or not. This is an issue and is very critical when the law makes it clear for them so that in case they are caught as a culprit of the malpractice or ethical in-consideration, they may have themselves to blame. It is very paramount in the medical field for the nurse and other practitioners to have the knowledge of fraud and cautions with them on the consequences of ignoring this ethical code in the healthcare institutions. The primary relationship between this system and the nursing practices is the moral consideration of the hospital and its consequences. 

Fraud has been an issue in the medical field. I have for some time taken a keen interest in many cases of fraud, and the cases have been presenting some point of interest. I have been familiar with what the code present on this matter hence to me, nothing was new. However, the system would have addressed the issue of patients consent too. The code is all about an unlawful act in the medical institution. It would have addressed the issue of using the patient information or providing such information without having the patient sign consent to ship that he/she understands what the data is being used for. In many cases, there is issue which springs up in a hospital which should be included in the unlawful act. In many actions, medical practitioners use information or give medication to patients without consulting them. I understand that this is the illegal act. This code should have given us a glimpse of this. Unfortunately, it did not. 


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Preshaw, D. H., Brazil, K., McLaughlin, D., & Frolic, A. (2016). Ethical issues experienced by healthcare workers in nursing homes: Literature review. Nursing ethics , 23 (5), 490-506. 

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