20 Sep 2022


The Impact of the Advanced Practice Nursing Role on Quality of Care

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Health care services have become more complex as their cost continues to heighten, making its accessibility challenging, especially in primary health care services. Older people and the under-served population are the people affected by this problem. Over the last years, the health sector has recorded an insufficient number of health physicians to take over the primary health services of all the patients (Woo, Lee & Tam, 2017). Advanced nursing practice was therefore introduced into the health sector to fill in the existing gap by taking up some of the roles and duties of junior doctors and health physicians with affordable and effective costs (Woo, Lee & Tam, 2017). Therefore advanced nursing practice has dramatically impacted society today and continues to do the same, bringing considerable changes in the health sector. 

Advanced nursing practice was first introduced its role as giving out primary health services to people and areas where health physicians were insufficient. Nonetheless, advanced nursing practice has grown and expanded different areas of health services, such as in acute care. As it is known, advanced nursing practice give the nurses the general and basics as well as advanced health care skills focusing on the primary core values. The 5Cs of nurses, which include compassion, competence, courage, commitment, communication, and care being the sixth, is the dominant core values. The major core values are essential for primary care services as it comprises of direct contact with patients. Acute care services demand more than the significant core values as it encompasses emergency and acute care. Emergency care advanced practice nurses are trained and taught how to handle and manage patients with acute-life or limb-threatening conditions. Therefore they are permitted to give care to the emergency patients besides physicians and junior doctors. 

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Following reviews taken on the health care services being given by the advanced practice nurses, there has been a success in the results of the patients. It is noted that advanced practice nurses are giving better results than health physicians and junior doctors (Swan, Ferguson, Chang, Larson, & Smaldone, 2015). Moreover, health cost has significantly decreased in an amount as advanced practice nurses are taking over the primary health care not only in underserved areas but also in hospitals. Cost affordability by patients has resulted in positive outcomes of the patients as most of them can now afford the primary health care services in hospitals. In this case, it is noted that arise of advanced nursing practice has created a significant impact on the health sector as well as society at large. The effect of advanced nursing practice corresponds with the primary purpose of the same as it gives out the best and quality health care services with affordable health costs to patients. However, advanced nursing practice has gradually taken over other areas of the health sector, such as acute care bringing out the best results in these areas. 

In conclusion, advanced nursing practice has become of great importance to health services and society having a great impact on them. Without knowing it, the advanced nursing practice may take over most of the areas in health care such as it has gradually expanded in acute care. Moreover, those aspiring to pursue their career in nursing are encouraged to go through the advanced nursing practice having acquired a master’s degree. 


Woo B. F. Y., Lee J. X. Y., & Tam W. W. S. (2017). The impact of the advanced practice nursing role on quality of care, clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and cost in the emergency and critical care settings: a systematic review. Human Resources for Health , 15 (1), 63. doi: 10.1186/s12960-017-0237-9. 

Swan , M.,    Ferguson S., Chang , A.,    Larson , E., &    Smaldone , A. (2015). Quality of primary care by advanced practice nurses: a systematic review. International Quality for Quality in Health Care, 7 (5), 396-404. 

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