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The Importance of Teams in Business

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Enhanced communication and collaboration exhibited in a good team presents powerful interdisciplinary teamwork which ultimately leads to great success in a company. When it comes to the healthcare industry, teams provide a superfluous way to handle wide ranges of issues and tasks. Consider the hypothetical problem of a manager at a busy call center in a health organization. In such a case, the volume of calls overwhelms the call center over a period of one year. Inasmuch as the manager does not have the necessary funds needed to implement an enhancement strategy, the need for change is clearly apparent as the handling of additional calls becomes unclear. In such a problem, the manager needs to devise drastic strategies so that he/she may ensure the proper continuity of the call center and further uphold its integrity. Such a problem becomes dynamic in that the manager has to exercise prudence in selecting the right team to expand the call center’s human resource. Such is the only immediate and applicable way to handle the problem. Although the capacity building is strategic and significant to the future development of the company, critical steps need to take place in the development of the team, to have a focused, self-driven and industrious team.


In the healthcare industry, teams are essential for a significant number of reasons. To begin with, an understanding of the complexity of clinical care is critical. This complexity of affairs has brought about the need for medical staff to perform complicated work subsequently, forcing them to learn and implement new methods rapidly. In the case of the problem stated above, most call center workers need to learn the medical jargon effectively and at least have the basic knowledge of medical issues so that they can handle patients easily. Secondly, numerous medical research has come up with the hypothesis that working together in a team significantly reduces the overall error that may take place in a medical setting (John et al., 2002). In the context of the problem described above, the value of teamwork presents itself when there are minimal errors in the work effort. In addition, having the right team with the right number of members leads to fewer errors because they are now able to distribute the workload amongst themselves. This reduces the numbers of clients handled, consequently, reducing work stressors and ultimately leading to robust service. Lastly, and perhaps the most significant basis of teamwork is excellent communication, which subsequently leads to better client relations and in the end, successful influence over the healthcare industry.

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Innumerable companies the world over use teams for the betterment of their goals and agendas. Overall, teams become essential and highly pivotal in promoting and maintaining innovation and speedy results. One significant way in which companies and corporations use teams is through the incorporation of diversity to increase overall performance ("Characteristics of high-performance teams,” 2017). Managers use this one way for the implementation of their strategies, and as presented above, this method may be transformational for the call center manager. It has repeatedly been proven that the proper implementation of diversity results in an astounding team. Another way that various industries use teams is through the influence of cultures. Notably, cultures are essential in any corporate setting and especially in the healthcare industry. Through proper culture stemming from the use of teams, the industry gets the fuel it needs to go on. Such uses of teams are particularly evident in the auto racing, aviation and military industries.

There are various ways of selecting the perfect team. These methods are numerous owing to the fact that every problem that needs a team effort in handling is essentially dynamic. One way of coming up with a good team is through the determination of a shared vision. Shared vision refers to a concise and clear goal that is in mind and applies to the team as a whole. In the hypothetical case, the manager has to have a vision of what he or she wants to achieve. This vision should lead him into the right team selection. Secondly, having the right mix of talent, resourcefulness and tenacity forms the best team. This is where diversity comes in. Not only does diversity apply to the ethnic and educational background but it also pertains to the various personality types that different people have. This essential strategy needs to be employed when it comes to creating the best team possible. Another strategy is the selection of teams in regards to quality and results. Through acknowledging results and quality as potential markers in selecting the perfect team, the composition of the resultant team will reflect the true values of the hiring company and consequently lead to undoubted favorable results. Moreover, there are certain organizational processes that the manager should be aware of so that he or she may influence the right decision-making process. Such organizational processes include characteristics that are decision-specific (Nooraie, 2012). These decision-specific characteristics include the familiarity of decisions, the magnitude of impact, crisis or opportunity, the complexity of decisions and risk. All these coupled with the size of the organization, its performance and organizational slack will significantly affect the manager’s process of decision-making. Overall, to ensure full implementation of the strategies, the manager has to employ the latest gadgets and software tools to ascertain efficacy and timely results.


The use of teams is highly indispensable in the healthcare industry. The implementation of strategies that ensure the placement of a capable team will always result in excellent results and ultimately lead the company to success. Therefore, it is paramount to exercise sagacity when it comes to the selection and enactment of teams.


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