21 Dec 2022


The JonBenet Ramsey Case: What We Know

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Young  JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in the basement of her parent's house with duct tape on her mouth. She had been strangled with a garrote. It was not clear what the cause of her killing was, and it has taken many years for the case to be closed On the day JonBenet was found in the basement by her father, the detective did not observe the critical issues about crime scene investigations. This could be why the case has taken a long time before its closure. The police did not apprehend the killer, and this has brought about a delay in giving the little girl’s parents the justice they needed for their six-year-old daughter.  Crime scene preservation mistakes were made that day, but the biggest mistake was carrying JonBenet from the basement, the crime scene, to the living room. This erased some evidence that the police could use to find the perpetrator. 

The police detective assigned to visiting JonBenet's parents has been blamed for not implementing all the essential elements to get a successful crime scene investigation at the house, which was now considered the crime scene.   I feel that what transpired in the house cannot be blamed on the police detective because she visited the house for the sake of waiting for the call from the person who was asking for ransom from JonBenet's parents. She did not know that the house would turn to be the crime scene. 

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But as an investigator, once she saw JonBenet's father carrying her from the basement, she should have immediately started the process of crime scene investigation to ensure that all the evidence was intact. First, she could have called her colleagues and inform them that JonBenet has been found dead in the house, confirming that it was now a crime scene. Then proceed to the basement and establish it as a crime scene because that was where the body was found. It was her responsibility to ensure that the area is protected from any interference as she initiates a preliminary survey evaluating all the possible physical evidence available in the area as she waits for the investigative team to arrive and photographically capture the crime scene and get a sketch of the scene. 

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