18 Aug 2022


The Malthusian Debate on Food in the United States

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Describe the Malthusian debate relative to food in the United States today. What are the major contributing factors to the lack of food? Propose both private and governmental solutions to the lack of food issues in the United States. 

The Malthusian debate is a theory that discusses the exponential growth of the human race and the corresponding potential increase in the quantity of food. As such, the increase in population in the United States means that the country is on the verge of suffering from food shortage because food supply does not increase in a similar way as the population. Some of the contributing factors that have led to the unprecedented food shortage in the country include changes in climate, scarcity of land used in agriculture, and competition for the available water. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the private and public institutions to focus on growing the food supply to meet the demands of the ever-increasing population. It, thus, becomes increasingly necessary to assess the alternative food sources to supplement that which emanates from the land. 

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What are the challenges for citizens of both urbanization and suburbanization? 

Urbanization refers to the increase of population in the urban areas in comparison to the rural settings. It is through urbanization that cities and towns get to grow. On the other hand, suburbanization is the process of a population shift to the suburb areas from central urban areas. However, research has shown that people living in the downtown and suburb areas face various challenges. One of the significant problems of urbanization and suburbanization is the increase in the cost of living due to the expensive life. Most of these areas are under the jurisdiction of municipalities and local governments. As such, this leads to another problem in the distribution and provision of services due to the fact that some urban settlements are extremely large. 

Examine how social change has affected at least two generations in your family. Give examples of societal changes such as technology, media, or social movements that may have had a significant impact. This could include you, your parents, grandparents, children, relatives, etc 

A social change is a significant alteration in the patterns of norms, behaviors, and cultural values of an individual. More importantly, it is also vital to note that social change has long-term effects. Over the last two generations, the invention of the internet has led to an immense social change in my family. There is a big difference between my father and grandfather with regards to how they handle technology. Due to the social change, my father is technologically perceptive than my grandfather. My father is aware of the benefits of the internet and has virtually all social media accounts register under his name. My grandfather, on the other hand, owns a cell phone that can barely access the internet thus further emphasizing the significance of social change across the generations. 

What environmental issues do you view as significant for your generation? What steps need to occur to support a sustainable environment? 

Some of the environmental issues that I regard as significant to this generation include global warming and pollution. The two problems are linked to the other with pollution acting as a precursor for global warming. The world must focus on promoting sustainability, and through this, pollution must stop immediately. More focus should be put on recycling and proper treatment of waste to avoid the global warming phenomenon which will result in permanent climate change that will hurt many people including the generations to come. The government and other policymakers must ensure that they embark on creating laws that promote sustainability and further promote the use of environmentally friendly practices. 

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