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The Meaning of Difference: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary America

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The differences, among people by their qualities and the social features are referred to as social differences. It is clear that social differences are complex differences comprising of sex, class, culture, ability, and race (III Frame Part 1). In most instances, social differences often create notions of discrimination among people based on specific social features. For example, those individuals with higher status are often highly respected and given utmost importance compared to people from poor or even homeless families hence creating social differences. Therefore, social differences tend to create challenges in the society, since discrimination causes inferiority complex, equality in addition to social problems. The essay seeks to understand the meaning of social differences as based on accidents of births and how they create social divisions. 

Summary of what I read 

It is clear that whenever one meets someone, he or she is aware of regarding their disability, sex, and ethnicity or even age, the manner in which they categorize them will influence how they will behave towards them (III Frame Part 1). Arguably, individual’s categorization in the society is the social differences; therefore, social differences focus the attention upon the social groups. A social difference is a broad concept that comprises of ethnicity, gender, and sex. It is evident that the society seems to have established hierarchies organized through age divisions, economic divisions, ethnic and radicalized divisions, gender and sexuality divisions in addition to health and disablement divisions (III Frame Part 1). 

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The social difference can be defined as massive discriminations and differences experienced in the society. The majority of the social differences often are based on different accidents of birth among them including individuals with different heights and complexion or even differences between females and males. However, not all the social differences are based on birth. Currently, there are those individuals who are God fearing and others atheist implying that personal decision thus makes people choose religious differences. According to (III Frame Part 1), the primary feature that the society is founded upon is the fact that it is socially divided, and different social groups tend to access different amount of authority, influence or even wealth. The society is thus divided by extreme inequality between various social groups which determines life chances and overall well-being of people (III Frame Part 2). One of the significant impact that we live in a society this is socially difference is the realization that human can understand better the structures of the society if one analyzes the difference social differences that seem to exist. 

Summary of stronger position 

Arguably, social differences are often founded on the accidents of births and individual do not choose to belong to any given community. It is evident that individuals us are either female or male, have different physical capabilities, and have diverse kinds of complexions however and all these have contributed towards social division where people are divided based on their gender, race, ethnic background or even disability. In addition to this, a social difference can further separate similar individuals from one another but at the same time; they can unite people who are not similar (III Frame Part 1). 

Arguments in support of position 

Social differences have an enormous impact on the way individuals see themselves in addition to the way the society is structured however social division’s interrelationships are also important. Human beings cannot exist in isolation; however, they tend to ignore the notion that we often group with those individuals who are like us. As we view, other people and adapt our behaviors towards them, they also adjust to us through a continuous innovative process; however, these values tend to alienate people who we consider to be different from us. Social differences further function to reinforce material inequalities of the individuals or even interrelate to create a contradictory location where human are positioned differently in such divisions (III Frame Part 2). There are those who believe that differences might cause social division, but it is evident from the media and social sites that the world has experienced widespread social division caused by differences. 

Minimizing the anticipated objections 

Social differences play a huge role concerning the creation of social divisions that have further created hierarchies in the society, and this is evident in the social media and traditional media sources (III Frame Part 2). The same is experienced throughout various parts of the world where differences have forced people to be denied equal opportunities in the society. For instance, the working class black men might be in dominance position regarding gender but subordination about both class and race when compared to the whites. On the other hand, differences might involve psychological cost where an individual identifies with one particular position but at the same time located in another which applies to the transsexuals, ethnic minority children who tend to identify with the majority in the society but are highly excluded. The same applies to women who identify with male-related occupation and attitude or even middle-class children in working-class schools. 


The essay has critically focused on the concept of social differences as and their significance to the society in creating social divisions. It is clear that social differences are acquired from birth but creates large categories hence can be understood as social groups which entail diverse ways the society is arranged and the group’s relationships. In general social divisions can be distinguished based on features like gender, class, ethnicity, class and even health. Social differences relationships are important since they tend to reinforce the social inequality. 

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