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The New American Religion: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

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In his postulation, Christian Smith held that Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (MTD) is the de facto and dominant in religion among the contemporary teenagers in the United States. This translates down to it being a default and often held unconsciously, with a religious perspective among many of the adults and teenagers in America. In essence, MTD is the popular level of religious faith for many of the American teens. Therefore, it is conclusive that MTD is an accurate reflection of today’s society because many teenagers have identified that being a moral person is primary for one to attain a central living. This will look at the moral part while the therapeutic will look at focusing on enabling a person to feel happy, good and at peace. Deism, on the other hand, acknowledges the fact that God exists, but here he is placed in a distant role. 

While supporting the claim, the American teenagers are influenced heavily by individualism ideologies. This has managed to shape the larger American culture where reluctance present suggests that any individual can be wrong when it comes to beliefs and faith. The teens offer many responses along moralistic lines but have resorted to reserving their most non-judgmental attitudes. This is mostly related to theological matters of conviction and belief. Through such thinking, the doctrines and their religious convictions have no right answers. Hence, for a belief system, this is a generalized conception and it is exactly what characterizes the beliefs of many millions of youths in America. Thus, such misconceptions have shown the accurate reflections of the society of today. Reasonably, most of the churches are all about telling the teens what to do instead informing them more about Jesus and what he was able to accomplish while on Earth. Overall, the society has failed to point the children in the right direction. 

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