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The Potential Benefits of the Diasporas to the Caribbean

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The Caribbean is made up of a group of small islands off the American coast on the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the islands include Cuba, Haiti, and Jamaica but to mention a few. The islands are renowned tourist attractions with vast beautiful beaches and diverse cultures. The Caribbean culture can be defined as the literary, social, artistic, political, culinary and musical elements that identify with the Caribbean people. This culture continues to be exported to multiple countries across the world, where it is found quite relatable. The home islands in the Caribbean can benefit from the exportation of their cultures to the diaspora, conveniently located in some of the most developed nations on the planet.

The most widely adopted Caribbean culture concerns the matter of music, especially the reggae music that originates from Jamaica. Reggae music is a phenomenon upon itself considering how widely it has grown to be accepted around the world. In Asia, reggae music is so revered that some Asian artists have adopted the rhythm of the genre (Andrew, 2014). Renowned reggae artists such as Bob Marley have won global awards throughout their careers for their songs. This has brought a lot of attention to the small island nation with people from all over the world visiting the country to learn about the Rastafarian culture and maybe some Patois, a way of speaking, unique to Jamaica, made famous by Rastafarian reggae artists (Embassy of Jamaica, Japan). This has pushed up the tourist numbers to the Caribbean islands and continues to contribute to the economic development there.

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In the United States, June is celebrated as the national Caribbean-American Heritage month. During this month Caribbean culture is celebrated across the United States. Started in 2004 by the Institute of Caribbean Studies, the Caribbean-American heritage month has since celebrated Caribbean cuisine, music, arts and young Caribbean leaders making a difference in the United States. During the 2016 festival, former President Barack Obama stated that the U.S will work with Caribbean nations to improve prosperity, security and liberty (Caribbean-American Heritage, 2016). This goes to show that through the exportation of the Caribbean cultural identity to the diaspora, the home nations can benefit in terms of advancements in socio-economic, technological, and educational sectors but to mention a few.


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