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The Progressive Movement

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The progressive movement/Era saw the widespread of social activism that transformed the United States political reforms, policies and foreign reactions from 1890 to 1920s. It was a period commonly referred to as the “New Era.” This period was set in motions with the sole purpose of eliminating the industrial, urban, corruption and immigration problems. Some of the effects it had on the American society were not permanent whereas others were long lasting and went on for decades bring permanent changes to the community. 

The progressive movement did in fact accomplished a lot of great memorable feat in the American society, the initiative, the recall, the referendum, the ability to conduct and hold a direct senatorial election( this was featured under the 17th amendment dated in 1913). It also paved the way for the secret ballot that revolutionized the voting process. The suffrage imposed on the women, the growth both having positive and negative effects on the businesses as well as the changes that occurred to the government infrastructure; had all taken a toll on the American society. 

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Through this phase, the progressive movement saw the city employ its managerial system. As opposed to having a positive impact on the people’s lives, it had a dark side where many women become subject to discrimination out of the male-dominated jobs; they were backed by the Muller versus Oregon case of 1908. This period saw Upton Sinclair declare the inspection of meat ACT back in 1906 where drugs and pure food had their ACT implemented; through this policy, the European market gained the trust of the American society (Gwu.edu, 2017). As a result of this kind business relation, the export industry flourished due to increased exports to Europe; this opened the doors for businesses in other sectors within the European market. 


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