12 Sep 2022


The Pros and Cons of Being a Working Mom vs. a Stay-at-Home Mom

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The issue of working women versus stay at home moms is a controversial one. Some people prefer working women versus the stay at home moms. Personally, I prefer to stay at home moms. The early relationship between the infants and the preschoolers is the foundation of their subsequent personality growth. Children who are raised by their mothers tend to have social comfort, social skills, and increased cognitive skills because such children spend a lot of time with their moms. Children who are born to the working mothers will develop less of these skills because their parents spent much time at work rather than with their families ( Steiner, 2007). 

Stay at home moms know that their child is not cared for by a caregiver who might leave the job for another one. Such mothers directly supervise their children thus ensuring that the nurturing environment is a useful one. Stay at home moms are also able to focus on the emotional and physical milestones of their kids than their counterparts who are always at work ( Steiner, 2007). 

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The same debate cannot be there for men because the society views men as the care-providers of their families. When they stay at home to nurture their children, who will provide for their families? For instance, when the wife is pregnant and is supposed to take a maternity leave, there will be no one to provide for the family ( Wallis, 2004). The debate for the men who opt to stay at home rather than their wives cannot be viewed as a gender role debate because men are supposed to be the providers of their families. This is perceived as something else such as laziness. 

In conclusion, staying at home will make moms spend a lot of time with their children, maintain their home and run their family life smoothly. Additionally, the physical and emotional development of the infants will be well-monitored. 


Steiner, L. M. (2007). Mommy wars: Stay-at-home and career moms face off on their choices, their lives, and their families . Random House. 

Wallis, C. (2004). The case for staying home. Time Magazine , 163 (12), 50-59. 

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