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The Roles of Criminal Justice Professionals

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Criminal Justice Professionals are people who are placed in positions within law enforcing bodies to serve and protect the society and at the same time ensure the laws of the land are adhered to. The field covers a wide range of areas from law enforcement, information security and forensic science. In all these areas, individuals holding any of the positions are tasked with the provision of necessary procedures which meet specific needs and goals. For instance, any activity performed in the law enforcement industry is done so as to ensure the individual needs of citizens and consequently the society, are well catered to  (Study, 2016) . Criminal Justice Professionals, hence, play an important role in the satisfaction of individual needs and societal needs. Societal needs are focussed in the following areas; terrorism, drug abuse and gang violence, child abuse, information security and societal development (Felkenes, 1974). Individual needs on the other hand are focused on security, justice and protection. 

Terrorism deals with the various threats and attacks that are made by terrorist groups who seek to enact their personal agenda through acts of violence. Criminal Justice practitioners are tasked with ensuring that the citizens of a given country or society are safe from terrorist attacks. By monitoring information and acting on various tips provided, Criminal Justice Practitioners can work ahead of terrorist groups to ensure they are captured ahead of time before any harm befalls any individuals in the society. In addition, the Criminal Justice Professionals are tasked with ensuring there is widespread knowledge on how to handle terrorist situations in case any individuals are caught in such a predicament (Felkenes, 1974). 

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Drug Abuse and Gang Violence is rampant in many cities across the world. There is a gradual increase in the number of drugs being distributed in various Societies and the number of young people who are victims of drug abuse. Criminal Justice Professionals are faced with a need to eradicate drug abuse within Societies. In addition, there are societies which are experience gang violence regularly and consequently end up losing young people who could have positively contributed to the growth of the Society. Criminal Justice Professionals are tasked with the apprehension of drug lords on order to eradicate drug abuse within the Society. Law enforcement officer for instance integrate with gangs in order to capture drug lords and bring an end to the various drug cartels currently running various societies. Consequently, Criminal Justice Practitioners are to provide rehabilitation for the young people who have been working for gangs and thus start providing and developing productive individuals within the society (Hess, Orthmann, & Cho, 2014). 

Child abuse is also another concern and need within the Society. Different societies depend on Criminal Justice Practitioners to ensure there is a complete eradication of child abuse in the Society. Professionals in Criminal Justice should coordinate in order to identify the various methods to which Child abuse can be eradicated. Developing and implementing necessary child laws which seek to protect the child and ensure they grow in a manner and environment that is conducive for their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being is important. The society looks at various criminal justice professionals to ensure the protection of children. For instance, Police Officers are called to rescue children from abusive situations and are expected to work towards ensuring the children are safe. Judges and other law and policy makers should provide necessary homes and ensure children are receiving adequate care and attention from parents and guardians (Hess et al., 2014). 

In individual lives, they serve a specific purpose for the common citizen. Where the individuals are looking for security, Criminal Justice Professionals are tasked with the provision of safety mechanisms and procedures which ensure an individual is aware of their safety within the society and their particular geographic location. Security in this sense refers to a wide range of areas. Comprised of security from insecurity and injustice (Felkenes, 1974). Each individual requires the assurance that their life is safe as they walk down a street or go through their daily routine. It is the responsibility of Criminal Justice Professionals such as law enforcers to ensure the crime levels within the country are reduce and gradually eradicated. At the same time, individuals want to know that they are secure from injustice. Criminal Justice Professionals are provided with powers which allow them to manage and come up with various policies and regulations that ensure citizens are not subject to injustice. These policies and regulations also protect these citizens from any form of injustice (Felkenes, 1974). 

In the event that citizens are faced with unjust situations, they require protection from the law and an opportunity to get justice. Criminal Justice Professionals play an important role in fulfilling this need. They are tasked with the responsibility of developing rules and regulations which dictate and govern the people of the country. These rules also dictate the various rights of an individual and offer remedies to situations where the individuals feel their rights have been violated. They are also responsible for ensuring they provide the “voice” individuals are seeking in front of courts when seeking justice, i.e. act as legal representatives of the individuals in a court of law (Hess et al., 2014). 

In conclusion, Criminal Justice Professionals are tasked with a large responsibility to ensure law and order within the society. They are responsible for not only monitoring the state of affairs within the country and ensuring the law of the land is well implemented, but are also tasked with ensuring each individual within the land is protected from injustice and their rights kept intact. They should not be treated in a manner which violates their rights, even where they have been proven to be guilty. By careful analysis of the kind of position they hold, a Criminal Justice Practitioner can understand the role they are to play in the satisfaction of such needs. 


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