10 May 2022


The State of Nature and Socratic Morality

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Social contract theory state that a person's moral and political obligations are dependent upon a contract or a form of an agreement they make amongst themselves to create the society in which they live. This research paper is aimed at addressing the various perspective of Social Contract as argued by Socrates.

As in the times of Socrates, he lived in a society that was developed already, and the city had laws, the ruling class, peace, war, politics and even courts. These meant that there were already some sorts of social unrest and evils that needed the intervention of the above institution. According to Rousseau (2016), Socrates argued that it's not the willingness of a person to commit a wrongdoing. Socrates added that when justice and skilful virtue of a person or human character of an individual citizen is harm, the society is harmed as well. This that marked his stand in the case of Plato When a group's goals rely on truthful information, lying bases a decrease in desirable functionality and limits the team's probabilities of achieving their targets and objectives ( Carr, 2011). 

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Hobbes' view on the state of nature brings it from the concept of use of moral to signify the hypothesised condition of the people long way before societal organisations or formation ( O’Neill, 2012). Hobbes claims that all human beings are equal in nature that is, body and mind. From such a state of being equal, everyone is willing to dominate and be superior over the other making them have the urge to fight one another willingly. And he asserted that in the natural state, there is no justice or injustice and there are neither ownership rights to anything. On the other hand, Socrates sets the bar higher through the introduction of morals that govern human beings. Carr (2011) believes that both Plato and Hobbes agreed that some political hierarchy needed to be there without which the society would crumble and might lead to lawlessness.


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