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The Civil Right Movement

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Civil rights are a crucial section of democracy. There are five types of civil rights. The right to vote allows everyone to participate openly in the voting procedure and decide who is fit for a political position based on their personal choices without interference. The right to government services freely givers each citizen access to services such as infrastructure and development. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is one of the most comprehensive legislation to have ever been enacted by congress. Some of the legislation's components are extensive guidelines on how to dismantle segregation and solve racial discrimination. The discrimination was being banned in the workplace, places of worship, and many other public spaces. The creation of the legislation is a result of actions by some activists like Martin Luther King. There was commissioning of equal employment opportunities as a way of improving service delivery. The essay will discuss the relevance of the civil rights movements in the 1960s to the current world and the creation of diversity in America. 

"I have a dream" is a well-known public speech delivered by the American civil rights activists Martin Luther King on August 28th, 1963. The declaration consists of seventy-two sentences, and it is visible that there is a repetition of phrases in some of the sentences in the statement. At the start of the speech, Martin Luther King urges the audience to seize the moment and venture into the real promise of democracy (Ihsan, 2018). The speech by Martin Luther King is an example of the contribution of the civil rights movement to the diversity in America. The right to vote to provide all the citizens of a country can exercise their democracy by openly electing a political aspirant of their own. The right to vote was put in place to try to curb the issue of voter disenfranchisement (Hayter, 2015). All the citizens of a country are given the liberty to vote regardless of their religion, race, or even gender. In medieval times, African Americans were not free to take part in the general elections. However, upon the constitution's review, they were given the free don to participate and vote for candidates of their choice. 

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The civil rights movement of the 1960s changed the nation in a much greater way. However, the 1960s movement was not the end of the fight for the civil movement. When the movement came to an end, Johnson agreed to have the Fair House Act undergo an implementation. The implementation of the act was effective and strategic, and it gave people the right to own houses regardless of their race. There were also the voting rights for the years 1965 that allowed people to participate in the voting process regardless of their race. The legal actions are still present today and are key in supporting the citizens' civil rights to vote. The movement was also key in encouraging social change that urged people to support each other. In general, civil rights led to creating social and economic rights, mainly for African Americans and the minority in the community. African Americans have a legal stand in their actions. The implementation of most of the laws was to grant African Americans more resources. At the moment, people are still fighting against racism, and the civil rights movement of the 190 is a confirmation of equality in the legal sense. It is a source of encouragement for people to fight inequality in society. 

The tactics and strategies that the civil rights movement activists of 1960 used are still applicable to the current racial and ethical conflict. At the moment, there are still many social protests, just like it was in the 1960s. The main concern is police brutality towards the African American protestants (Corbett et al., 2014). People match the protest with signs and peaceful motives to advocate for social and legislative change in some of the existing policies. People are still boycotting restaurants and products that are as a way of supporting opposing views. The hope is to place economic pressure on the people in charge of them to make necessary changes. For instance, on July 7th, many people wanted to avoid purchase to make the politicians and the various legislators make changes will act as a protection to the black citizens. However, some strategies do not apply to the current ethical and racial conflict. For instance, there is no need to have a bus boycott since people of all color use them. It is not like the medieval times where the use of buses was restricted to only the whites. There are changes which have taken place over the years. At the moment, some resources are being shared equally among whites and African Americans. 

The ideas of 1960 still have relevance at the moment. There was a civil act movement of 1964 and a voting rights act of 1965, which are still being utilized and referred to in the present time. There are still fights in the current times, especially towards ensuring that the minority on the society have the right to vote and access various social amenities that will give them the required basic needs such as health services (Corbett et al., 2014). In some areas, there is still a voter's supervision. That means that people need to go back and refer to the voting act of the years 1965 for them to know how to exercise their voting rights without oppression legally. The civil rights movement of 1960 is more prominent today than it was in the past. 

Through the civil rights movement, there has been an increase in diversity in America. The increasing diversity is by granting the minority community access to better housing, voting, and even transportation. Also, the movement has encouraged the creation of a purely social aspect of the movement. The aspect aims to urge and encourage people to always support their fellow citizens despite variations in color, ethnicity, gender, or religion. Citizens of a country need to treats each other as one, and from the action, they will be able to create change in the legislative and laws that affect them as a community (Eisenberg, 2015). The focus is on the idea that some laws affect them as a community and not on an individual basis. When all people get the opportunity to vote and have better housing, people will be living their greatest lives, increasing diversity in America. Lastly, the diversity in America will increase by reducing segregation and eliminating some policies. People need to be free to move around, say what they think is right, and some of the changes they think will positively impact their lifestyle. Verification of some of the legislature's ideas and opinions will be beneficial to the entire community and not specific people. 


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