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Timeline of Ancient Western Legal History

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3000 B.C 

Sumerian cities of Kish, Ur, Nippur, and Erech are founded. 

2800-2200 B.C. This period is marked by the establishment of the old kingdom of Egypt. 

Pyramids built. 

Sumer is conquered by Sargon I of Akkad. 

. -1700 B.C. 

This period marks the establishment Middle Kingdom of Egypt. 

1800 B.C 

First Babylonian Empire is established 

Code of Hammurabi is developed 

1670 B.C. Hyksos conquer Egypt. 

1650 B.C. Jews move into areas which are controlled by Egypt. 

1580-1525 B.C. New Kingdom of Egypt is established 

Book of the Dead is written 

1500 B.C 

1391-1350 B.C. King Akhenaten rules over Egypt 

1350 B.C. King Tutankhamen rules over Egypt 

1350-1115 B.C. Rameses Dynasty in Egypt 

Mycenaean period in Greece 

Dorian conquest destroys Mycenaean civilization 

1250 B.C. Israelites leave Egypt and establish a religious state in Canaan 

1200 B.C. Trojan War 

1000 B.C 

800 B.C. Homer, Iliad 

776 B.C. First Olympic games are held 

753 B.C. Rome is founded 

624 B.C. Draco's Code is developed 

593 B.C. Solon's Code is developed 

Council of Four Hundred is established in Athens 

546-410 B.C. Age of Tyrants 

509 B.C. Rome becomes a republic 

500 B.C 

480 B.C. Greeks thwart the Persian invasion 

Socrates (469-399 B.C.) 

451-448 B.C. There is the establishment of the laws of the Twelve Tables 

431 B.C. Peloponnesians War takes place between Athens and Sparta 

Plato , 427 to 347 B.C. 

400 B.C 

Aristotle , 384 to 322 B.C 

370 B.C. Roman reforms provides plebeians with greater voice 

Alexander the Great , 350 to 323 B.C. 

300 B.C 

Hebrew Law collected 

287 B.C. Hortensian Law is established which makes plebiscites to become binding on senate 

264-202 B.C. The first and second Punic wars between Rome and Carthage take Hannibal is defeated 

200. B.C 

146 B.C. Roman invasion of Greece 

Destruction of Corinth and Carthage 

100 B.C 

58-50 B.C. Julius Caesar conquers Gaul 

44 B.C. Julius Caesar is assassinated 

40-43 B.C. Cicero, De Legibus 

30 B.C. Suicide of Cleopatra and Antony 

27 B.C. Augustus is named the emperor of Rome 

4-6 B.C. The birth of Jesus Christ 

1 A.D 

14-37 A.D. Tiberius becomes emperor of Rome 

43 A.D. Rome invades Britain 

61 A.D. Queen Boadicea's revolt 

70 A.D. Romans take over Jerusalem 

79 A.D. The eruption of Vesuvius destroys Pompeii 


117-138 A.D. Hadrian becomes the emperor of Rome 

Hadrian builds a wall 

120 A.D. Institutes of Gaius are established 

200 A.D 

Diocletian becomes emperor of Rome 

300 A.D 

313 A.D. Emperor Constantine makes Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire 

330 A.D. Constantinople is established as the capital city of the Roman empire in the East 

354-430 A.D. Emperor Augustine 

400 A.D 

Western Europe is conquered by Vandals, Goths, and Franks 

410 A.D. Rome is attacked by Alaric 

410-450 A.D. Romans withdraw from Britain 

433 A.D. Europe is attacked by Huns led by Attila 

455 A.D. Rome is attacked by Vandals 

Anglo-Saxon invasion of England 

476 A.D. This period marks the end of the Roman Empire in West 

500 A.D  

529 A.D. Justinian ceases the operation of Plato's Academy terming it pagan 

540 A.D. Institutes of Justinian are established 

600 A.D 

602 A.D. Laws of Aethelberht are established 

700 A.D 

Muslims invade of France, Spain and North Africa 

800 A.D 

800 A.D. Charlemagne is crowned the Holy Emperor of Rome 

878 A.D. The invasion of Denmark in England is defeated by King Alfred of Wessex 

890-92 A.D. Laws of Alfred are established 

900 A.D 

924-39 A.D. Laws of Aethelstan are established. 

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