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To torture or not to torture

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The utilitarianism theory may apply in this case where a terrorist is captured in native soil. The good of the majority is put as a preference to one. A decision to torture a person causing threats might justify the action rather than seeing torture as an evil. Moreover, the outcome of torture is the spilling of information that may in turn be of use in the safety of citizens of a particular country. Terrorists cause unrest and inbuilt fear in individuals and combating terrorism through torture puts the public at rest.

Kantian duty-based ethics also known as Deontological ethics morally supports the act of torture of prisoners in regard to that is what would be morally right despite the outcome of the events. If the prisoner dies in the event of torture then it will be a step towards getting rid of terrorists and deviants in the society.

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Virtue ethics, also known as the virtue theory, may not support the act of torture to prisoners. It singles out the act itself as causing pain to a fellow human being despite the good for the majority. The terrorist is viewed as a human being with rights despite her or him being on the wrong. It demonizes the act as inhuman.

In the Christian-principle based ethics, Christians are encourage to love anyone regardless of the circumstance. The theory explains that one cannot repay evil with evil but with love to achieve peace in the universe (Charlestinsley, 2012).

Consequently, the utilitarianism theory is the most appropriate to apply in this scenario. The torture of prisoners, especially those that are a bit adamant in giving of information that might be important in combating crime in a country, is essential. This mainly applies to terrorists who are captured on a native soil and may be of danger to the local citizens. Applying a rule of respecting human rights might be not needed in this case because of the nature of the crime committed by this individual ("To torture or not to torture prisoners", 2015).


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