9 Aug 2022


Trends in Mental Health

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There has been an expansion in the choice of effective treatment options for behavioral health disorders which comprise both mental illness and substance abuse conditions. The study shows that improved incorporation of behavioral health care services into the wider health care continuum have had a positive impact on quality, costs, and outcomes. Health restructuring builds new incentive and prospect for better management of the care provided to individuals with these conditions. Development of health insurance largely, alongside improved coverage of behavioral health management has expanded access to required services (Dart, 2015). U.S. health care system has advanced in mental health care by increasing the provider accountability which has increased the determinations to manage care and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care provided to patients with behavioral health conditions. In terms of the payment systems, there has been an initiative to manage accountability in care organizations.

The recommended changes in the mental health care provision structure are customer determined, concerned with recovery, evidence grounded and directed towards organized systems of care. The ideas have been newly strengthened with the health care restructuring considering the extra emphasis on facilities that manage mental health and substance abuse. The issues of medical malpractice have had an impact on mental health treatment in many ways. The failure by the federal government and the relevant authorities to conduct a proper suicide risk assessment has led to many patients in committing suicide and others hurting themselves in the attempt to commit suicide. However, there has been an improvement in the provision of the medical health care by the legislation of policies that are geared towards improvement (Folland, Goodman, & Stano, 2016). There has been the establishment of the law agencies that deal with reporting and defending of the patients in courts in the event that the medical malpractice has had a severe injury to the patient or death. In conclusion, U.S. health care system has advanced in mental health care.

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