11 Apr 2022


Value Adding Strategies and Action Plans

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Change management is an important part of the provision of care and the business of care in its entirety. If we consider the role of change in the sector, especially with regards to applying evidence practices in care as opposed to previous care practices, the actualization of care becomes a real need in the healthcare profession. Moreover, economic concerns such as cost cutting will trigger the implementation of change.

Of necessity then, is determining the place of planning and the placement of objectives, goals and paths for getting to said goals in the pursuit of planned changes in caregiving. Value adding strategies are change management plans that are aimed at focusing organizational goals at achieving better heights in terms of achievement within the focus area. If administrative goals are set for cost cutting, literal plans must be set in place with objectives and reachable goals that will allow the actualization of the goals and objectives. Effective care delivery therefore is dependent upon implementing plans based on an agreed number of goals and objectives as part of the necessary strategic planning. In effect, this is making an action plan to achieve the goals set out.

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