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Virtue Ethics: Examples & Theory

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According to Fried (2016), the phenomena of integrity get explained as the practice of showing honesty, uncompromising as well as consistent adherence to a strong moral principle. In the case study, "Wrong operation Doctor," there exist several integrity issues, such as honesty. Honesty is a moral character that combines positive virtues such as truthfulness, integrity as well as straightforwardness. The hospital lacked the virtue of honesty because it did not disclose to the parents of the fifteen-year-old boy that they had made a medical error by operating the wrong side of the boy's brain. The boy's parents knew what the hospital did after a year. Accountability is the next integrity issue. According to Goldacre (2015), accountability refers to being answerable to a wrong action. The hospital lacked accountability because after the realization of the medical error, they tried to hide what they did to the fifteen-year-old boy and left the boy and the parents to suffer because of their mistakes. The fifteen-year-old boy got left with severe brain damage and psychotic. 

In the case study, "Wrong operation Doctor," I firmly believe that criminal charges should be considered. Criminal charges should get considered because the hospital demonstrated negligence when they operated the fifteen-year-old boy. Secondly, the hospital did not demonstrate accountability to what they did and left the boy to suffer alone (Goldacre, 2015). Lastly, integrity is essential in ensuring the existence of trust among the public and health professions. If the hospital is not charged, it will erode the trust. 

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I chose to respond to that story because medical ethics are of utmost importance to me. Health professions should respect a patient's life and take it as their own. Healthcare workers should adhere to specific medical attributes such as beneficence, autonomy, non-malfeasance, as well as justice (Mandal et al., 2016). In the case study, the hospital did not adhere to non-malfeasance, and they harmed the patient and left him to suffer on his own, and that was unethical. One day I might fall sick, or a family member might need medical attention, and I do not want to encounter such malpractice from any hospital. The issues of integrity in my clinical setting are poorly displayed. Ultimately. hospitals should take accountability for their actions. 


Fried, C. (2016). Medical Experimentation: Personal Integrity and Social Policy: New Edition. Oxford University Press. 

Goldacre, B. (2015). How to get all trials reported: audit, better data, and individual Accountability. PLoS medicine, 12(4). 

Mandal, J., Ponnambath, D. K., & Parija, S. C. (2016). Utilitarian and deontological ethics in medicine. Tropical parasitology, 6(1), 5. 

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