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Volcanoes: Types, Causes & Effects

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When a volcano erupts, it expels various materials that can go as far as kilometers from the eruption site. Some of the materials may be found just near the volcano but they have a big possibility of being eroded, but those which are expelled to the furthest corner are at a better chance of being preserved and being included in the record of the book since they do not get eroded. What determines the distance within which the materials would be expelled is the viscosity of the materials. Stratovolcanoes are known to expel medium viscosity lava while the shield volcanoes produce low viscosity lava. Materials with higher viscosity travel long distance than those with low viscosity. Shield volcanoes are a bit calm and do not expel the materials far away due to the low viscosity. The materials are thrown near the site and are preserved in the rock records. Mostly they happen near the oceans.

On the other hand, Stratovolcanoes expels relatively higher viscous materials than shield volcanoes and thus the materials are thrown at a high speed to a long distance. The materials can extend for quite a long distance before they solidify and be preserved in the rock records. There is also high gas content as well as hot ash that can go far distance from the site. Similarly, these volcanoes occur mostly along the oceans lines. They are very vigorous and they usually cause an earthquake when they occur. The earthquake leads to earth erosion which causes a massive landslide in the process. Examples of some of the deposits that can be found include ash flow, lava, flows, and lahars.

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Supervolcanoes like the one that occurred in Yellow Stone National Park, are very explosive and in this park, it has well spread the volcanic materials that appear in layers of rocks. Lastly, there are Cone volcanoes, which is very rare to find the materials anywhere near the actual site. This is as a result of the lower content of gas released.

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