10 May 2022


Weapon of mass destruction (WMD)

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Weapon of mass destruction, WMD, refers to a nuclear, chemical, radiological or biological arsenal that can kill and cause harm to a large number of people as well as destroy vast space of properties and structures (Iannotti et al., 2016). WMD is a weapon that can destroy many buildings over a large area when used. WMD also has the ability of destroying the biosphere. 

Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) are associated with WMD because they are dangerous substances, which can be used as weapons and cause massive deaths and destructions over a vast area. They are substances, which terrorists and warring countries can use to kill and inflict destruction to people. 

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The role and mission of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in protecting the country from a CBRNE attack involve provision of assistance to state, local and the territorial authorities in safeguarding the health of people. Moreover, the roles of CDC include giving advice to the people on how they can minimize their exposure to radiation and the toxic substances that come from a CBRNE attack. It is vital to note that CDC is part of the Department of Health and Human Services and is charged with the protection of the health as well as safety of people. Its main mission is improving the health of the people of the United States, particularly those affected by the CBRNE attacks. In the event of a CBRNE attack, the CDC has a response plan designed safeguard people by minimizing the impact of such an incident. This response plan outlines its roles during an ordeal. The CDC has to assess the health status of the people affected by the CBRNE attack. This assessment includes evaluating the medical effects of the radiological exposures on the people within the community, with particular focus to the high-risk groups like children, the disabled and women. It then gives the government advice on how to take of care of the affected people. 


Iannotti, A., Schraffl, I., Bellecci, C., Malizia, A., Cenciarelli, O., & Di, D. (2016). Weapons of mass destruction: A review of its use in history to perpetrate chemical offenses.  Science & Technology Research Institute for Defense , 39.

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