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What is Clinical Decision Support (CDS)?

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Healthcare organizations and firms have recognized the importance of adopting clinical decision support (CDS) to boost healthcare delivery in various healthcare settings. Clinical Decision Support provides computerized patient-specific clinical information that is used in the diagnosis and treatment of different health conditions. Since its adoption, CDS has revolutionized patient care through the provision of sustainable healthcare to health consumers. 

Order Facilitators 

The adoption of the Clinical Decision Support system has played a critical role in the duties of order facilitators such as physicians, clinicians, and nurses. The first type of CDS is the one that enables order facilitators to generate patient-specific clinical data that improves the clinical research, diagnosis, and adoption of appropriate disease intervention methods. Through the use of CDS, order facilitators can efficiently make patient-specific orders in a clinical setting (Musen et al. 2014). Through the use of computerized data, the order facilitators can tailor diagnosis and treatment towards a particular group of patients who are suffering from a particular disease and disorders. For example, the system enables physicians to collect viable information about a patient who has been diagnosed with cancer in a specific data set and patients who have a mental disease in another data set. Another type of CDS is the one that reduces the time that order facilitators use to distribute and complete orders. Moreover, another form of CDS system simplifies the documentation of a patient's clinical data as well as medical inventories. 

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Expert Systems 

The CDS system enables the expert system to present comprehensive, detailed and error-free patient clinical information. The first type of expert system CDS is the one that handles the transcription errors in the clinical data. Therefore, the expert system stores in-depth and useful data that is readily available for the usage by the order facilitators. The second type of CDS initiates a safe and secure clinical data. The use of technology which is advanced such as electronic record keeping; result in the presence of secure patient-specific information. The CDS also creates several forms of computerized clinical information. Another type of CDS technology generates automated alerts, clinical guidelines as well as patient data reports. Therefore, healthcare professionals are regularly informed about their duties in patient care. For instance, a physician who is handling a diabetic patient can be remaindered by computerized alerts on the periods that he should provide medication to the patient. 

Promote Broader Availability 

The adoption of clinical decision support system has enhanced broader availability and access to better healthcare. According to Dinevski (2011), more widespread availability can be promoted through undertaking awareness creation campaigns about the importance of the clinical decision support systems among the healthcare professionals such as nurses and physicians. Moreover, healthcare organizations should train the nurses and physicians on how to use the technology in the process of providing high-quality care to health consumers. 

However, there are several measures that healthcare organizations should embrace to promote effective adoption of clinical decision support systems. For example, healthcare organizations should incorporate more roles and duties of the nurse practice in the CDS. Nurses play a significant role in patient-care hence they should be an increase in the rate of nurse-participation in the program. Moreover, healthcare organizations should adopt advanced technology to ensure the security of the clinical decision support. The adoption of advanced technology can ensure the safety and privacy of patient information in the healthcare setting. 


The adoption of clinical decision support has played a critical role in the provision of high quality and affordable healthcare services. Through the provision of electronic patient-specific clinical data, the clinical decision support system ensures healthcare professionals such as physicians and nurses can provide sustainable healthcare. 


Dinevski, D., Bele, U., Šarenac, T., Rajkovič, U., & Šušteršic, O. (2011). Clinical decision support systems. In Telemedicine Techniques and Applications. Technology Review Journal , vol. 3, no.2, pp.214 

Musen, M. A., Middleton, B., & Greenes, R. A. (2014). Clinical decision-support systems. In Biomedical informatics. London. Springer Publishers, pp. 643-674. 

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