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What Makes a Great Backpack?

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Though it is not the most exciting purchase, a good backpack goes a long way in making a student’s life more pleasant. Backpacks are the most convenient means of carrying accessories such as books, a laptop, pens and other learning and personal items. Unfortunately, it is common to find students who prioritize a backpack’s look and overlook its functionality, eventually making themselves vulnerable to serious shoulder and back pain. 

A great backpack has enough room for one’s accessories. Backpacks come in different shapes, sizes and length based on the user’s torso length. An appropriate backpack size will feel right on the user, and it has enough room to carry notebooks, textbooks, a laptop if necessary and everyday essentials. Hence, when purchasing a backpack, the user must test different sizes and models to find the perfect fit. 

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Backpacks with multiple pockets are great for students. Different pockets make it easy to locate smaller accessories like pens, cell phone and keys, while heavy books are kept in the main compartment of the bag. Most backpacks come with a number of compartments and side pockets for different things, however, students should go for backpacks with a considerable number of compartments and side pockets based on the accessories they carry every day. 

Alternatively, the weight of the backpack is worth considering. Students already carry heavy books and accessories, and heavyweight backpacks will only add more weight. Some backpacks are made of special materials, making them lighter than others. Students who carry around heavy accessories should consider lightweight backpacks. Lightweight backpacks are still sturdy, and they are as long lasting as other backpacks. 

Backpacks with padded straps are easy to carry around regardless of the size of the bag. A student’s life is generally hectic. Students have to go to different classes, hence they move around a lot. A backpack with padded straps prevents the straps from digging into one’s shoulders and causing discomfort. 

It is advisable to buy a backpack that suits one’s personality. While the functionality of the backpack is a top priority, no student wants to walk around with an ugly backpack. Students have their unique styles that guide their dressing code and their purchases. Backpacks come in different colors, shapes and other unique features. Different manufacturers experiment with different colors, zippers, buttons, patches and drawings to add some uniqueness into the backpack. Hence, students should only settle for a comfortable and a unique backpack that matches their personalities. 

Lastly, students should learn to perform simple repairs on their backpacks. While a great backpack is sturdy, it needs simple repairs along the way to help it last longer. Manufacturers sell backpack repair kits, which can be used to make simple repairs at home. Even great backpacks are subject to wear and tear, but, they should not be disposed because of a small tear. To sum up, a great backpack comes in a proper size, weight, has padded straps and other important accessories. Most importantly, a great student backpack is reasonably priced. 


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