15 Aug 2022


Why do I relate to the “Ending Poem”?

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I certainly can relate to the “Ending Poem”. From the first line of the poem, the poets seem to respond the question of race, which is much prevalent in the United States. The poets say “I am who I am” suggesting that everybody in the United States is equal despite descending from various racial and ethnic backgrounds. The poets also try to highlight the rich history of the United States. The prominent issue is about slavery, which is evident by the mention Caribbean and African descend. That the poets’ parents served their masters but were not allowed to sit at the same table with them. Although people in the United States come from various backgrounds, the poets suggest that it is time people cast their differences and came together as Americans. The poets also posit that some people in the United States are discriminated against by those who consider themselves superior yet it was beyond their control to choose where they would be born. Most importantly, it is best for all Americans to embrace one another regardless of their racial and ethnic backgrounds.

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